6 Budylicious Marijuana Cocktails for 4/20!!!

Written by Matthew H.

We’re not going to mess around and be cute about what today is: It’s 4/20, and that means it’s time for people across the world to celebrate (and smoke the hell out of) marijuana. Otherwise known as pot. Or weed. Or grass. Or ganja, dope, herb, reefer, Mary Jane, bud, stinkweed, nugs, the Green Goddess, the dankness, endo, or kind. But because what we do is boozy drinks, we’re going to celebrate 4/20 with some marijuana cocktails that pay homage to the chronic, even though they don’t have THC in them. ‘Cause stoners like to drink too, right?

Before we dive into our list of six delicious marijuana cocktails, let’s get a super-quick background on the origin of the holiday, because it’s important for context, and learning while high is hella magical.

Basically, the holiday’s origins go back to 1971, when five high school students in San Rafael, CA — who called themselves “the Waldos” ’cause they hung out by a wall — designated a statue of Louis Pasteur and 4:20 p.m. as their place and time to meet and smoke some herb. (Isn’t it amazing that you need a fourth time coordinate in order to meet up? Time is a dimension, mannnnnnnn.) Then, some time after that, Steven Hager of High Times took that concept and ran with it, promoting 4:20 p.m. as the “socially accepted hour of the day to consume cannabis.” From there, it was only natural that the twentieth day of the fourth month of the year be the time when marijuana is in the green-ass spotlight. 

Now onto the drinks! 

1. Marijuana Leaf Jello Shots 

Marijuana Leaf Jello Shots. Is there any sweeter combination of words in the English language? Yes. BUT, imagine how happy you’ll make a bunch of stoners if you bust out with these bad boys. 

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2. Sugar Marijuana Goblet 

You can’t even believe what you’re looking at, can you? The Sugar Marijuana Goblet, which contains everything from Everclear to lollipops, will make all those red-ass eyes go real wide with amazement, we promise. 

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3. Liquid Marijuana Cocktail 

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The Liquid Marijuana Cocktail is definitely the least ridiculous drink on this marijuana cocktail list, but damn, it’s delicious — and that’s the most crucial thing to consider on a weed-based holiday.

4. Marijuana Milkshake Shot 

When you’re blazed, nothing sounds better than a milkshake, right? How about a damn Marijuana Milkshake Shot, which has booze in it and is guaranteed to compound your celebration efforts with its green deliciousness. 

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5. Liquid Marijuana Shot 

Milkshake a little too much for your lactose intolerant belly? Try the Liquid Marijuana Shot for your 4/20 partying. It may even increase your fade with its citrusy pineapple juice — that’s real science, right? 

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6. Marijuana Jungle Juice Bowl

Finally, for the grand finale, we have the Marijuana Jungle Juice Bowl, which is just a giant green party in a tub. This bowl of green booze has everything from Everclear to Captain Morgan to coconut rum in it, and it’s the perfect go-to jungle juice if you’re having a lot of people over for your 4/20 smoke sessions. 

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How are you feeling about these drinks, little faded fiends? Take a break from eating fries and watching Rick and Morty and comment below! 

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