11 Spring Break Slushes to Transport You to Paradise!

Written by Rebecca Whitney

March 18, 2021

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Transport yourself to paradise with these tropical drinks and cocktails perfect for cooling off on Spring Break! Whether you want your drink in a pineapple, a coconut, or a gorgeous cocktail glass, you’ll find plenty of slush drinks on this list to whisk you away to a tropical island dream.

For all you pineapple cocktail lovers out there we have this Tropical Fruit Slush. This coconut rum cocktail recipe is so dang tropical you’ll need to put on sunscreen even if you’re just sitting in front of a TV. View Recipe

Just say the words “Pink Coconut Frost” and you’ll find yourself feeling a fresh tropical wind blowing all over your face. Or maybe that’s your A.C. Either way, this rum and pink lemonade cocktail is just right for a Spring Break vacation. View Recipe

A tropical cocktail made with mango rum and a whole bunch of fruit juices including mango, grapefruit, and pineapple? Yes, this Rum slush cocktail went there. To Heaven. Rum heaven. View Recipe

The Frozen Painkiller is a super-delicious twist on the classic Painkiller cocktail recipe. If you like the original Painkiller cocktail recipe, which mixes up a bunch of rums, juices, and cream of coconut, then you’ll love this slushed-up version. View Recipe

It’s hard to say which slushy tropical cocktail on this list is tastiest, but the award for prettiest definitely has to go to this Ocean Blue cocktail. The Ocean Blue has a gorgeous transition of colors from bottom to top, and perfectly blends coconut rum, blue curacao, pineapple juice, and piña colada mix. View Recipe

#6 on this tropical cocktail list actually comes in a pineapple! It’s a little more work, but it really brings the tropical vibes. Anyway, this pineapple rum Spring Break cocktail is nuts, so make it, taste it, love it. View Recipe

Peach cocktails — you either love ’em, or you hate ’em. Or maybe you’re in between, we don’t  know. Either way, get your fill of peaches and beaches with this Peach Daiquiri. It’s an awesome twist on the Classic Daiquiri recipe perfect for your Spring Break. View Recipe

Yes, this tropical cocktail recipe is named after the show, Miami Vice, but you can drink it in Miami, in the Bahamas, or in your living room. But if you care about feeling like a badass cop who drinks cool drinks on speed boats, this is the cocktail for you. View Recipe

Here’s another tropical cocktail with a heavenly name: the Passion Fruit Piña Colada. This super-smooth, super-refreshing serving of tropical slush mixes up multiple rums, cream of coconut, and passion fruit juice, and literally never gets old. View Recipe

The Lime Sherbet Margarita! You know we had to get some more tequila goodness going on this list. This one is bright green, perfectly balanced between sweet and sour, and, of course, nice ‘n’ slushy. View Recipe

Let’s finish off this list of tropical cocktail recipes with one that’s served in a big furry coconut: The Frozen Pink Bikini. Yes, this slushy pink Spring Break drink is served in a big, fuzzy coconut shell, and it’s a magical combination. View Recipe