15 New Year’s Eve Drinks to Ring in 2021

Written by Erin Alkire

December 31, 2020

We did it — 2020 is almost over. While this year’s New Year’s Eve shenanigans may look a little different this year, the drinks can be just as boozy and celebratory as holiday seasons past. Here’s our New Year’s countdown of 15 cocktails to help you ring in 2021.

Nothing kicks a night off right quite like jello shots. Add champagne and you’ve made ‘em classy. View Recipe

Champagne and jello: a classic combination. If there are strawberry garnishes, it’s healthy, right? View Recipe

You’ll have a ball with this bright neon green shot, and it pairs perfectly with watching the New Year’s Eve ball drop at midnight in Times Square! View Recipe

The Woo Woo Shot is perfect for wetting your whistle before you woo as the clock strikes midnight. View Recipe

Decadent, pretty and absolutely celebratory, this chocolatey shot will satisfy any sweet tooth and keep your New Year’s Eve party energized. View Recipe

When anything’s (purposely) set on fire, you know the party’s bout to be lit. View Recipe

This shot has it all: creamy Bailey’s Irish Cream, cinnamon to warm you up on chilly New Year’s Eve and a splash of rum for good measure. View Recipe

Looking for a party-ready treat that combines the classiness of champagne, the celebration of New Year’s Eve and the joy of gummy bears? Your wish is our command. View Recipe

This punch concoction is complete with coconut rum, Peach Schnapps and strawberry vodka. Even better, it’s super-easy to make. View Recipe

What’s sexier than champagne and strawberries? Treat whoever you’re kissing (or socially distanced high-fiving) to this luxe cocktail. View Recipe

What better way to liven up a party than with jungle juice? This colorful concoction is full of fruit, lemonade, Hawaiian punch, and more fun surprises. View Recipe

After you’ve had your shots and your ladles of punch, keep it classy with this gorgeous champagne cocktail made colorful by purple Viniq liqueur. View Recipe

With kiwis, blueberries, and five different kinds of liquor, this colorful concoction is a fitting way to say goodbye to 2020. View Recipe

You can’t go wrong with this recent classic made with Aperol and Prosecco. View Recipe

And finally, we have the sweet, elegant Goodnight Kiss. With champagne, Campari, and a cute New Years-y name, this is a drink worth its very own countdown. View Recipe