19 Drinks To Get Your Memorial Day Party Poppin’

Written by Lauren Ballard

May 21, 2021

Memorial Day weekend is traditionally spent with good beer, great BBQ, and even better company. But the reason we get an extra day to gather is to celebrate the lives of those who died protecting ours. And what better way to honor them than gettin’ freaky and living our lives to the fullest? So Tipsy Bartender is slangin’ our favorite Memorial Day cocktail recipes for y’all to enjoy.

Show off your patriotism this Memorial Day with the grand old flag in vodka strawberry, blueberry, and sweet cream. This impressive, edible centerpiece is perfect for guests because who doesn’t like jello flavor choices? View Recipe

If you’re one of those people who sets off sparklers on any patriotic holiday, you’ll love this sweet layered shot. Science is pretty cool, and you can layer blue curacao, pina colada mix, and cherry vodka to rep our red, white, and blue. View Recipe

This pink lemonade party punch may not be as pink as its name, but it’s economic and just damn good. You really can’t go wrong with refreshing pink lemonade, vodka, and beer, can you? View Recipe

Cool down this Memorial Day weekend with a nice, spiked root beer float. This spiced whiskey and rum cocktail hits you right in the nostalgia with all the adult fixings, including RumChata whipped cream! View Recipe

Get your freak on with this refreshing frozen beer margarita recipe. This three-ingredient Memorial Day cocktail is #goodvibesonly, so keep an eye on that super dramatic family member. View Recipe

Did you know the Navy SEALs were also called Frogmen? You learn something new every day, so enjoy these melon liqueur and Irish Cream jello shots, respectfully. View Recipe

When Everclear’s your base, you’ll be on your face. This wild ass jungle juice also has gin and rum, so thank the stars that this large batch citrus bad boy is strong enough to make you forget Norfolk. View Recipe

If you’re a patient or determined person looking to impress your peeps with a showstopper, take a peek at this wild bad boy. These flaming, peachy creme de banana bomb shots are sure to impress your guests this Memorial Day weekend. View Recipe

This Memorial Day cocktail recipe is as American as apple pie. With a sweet and delicious combination of white wine, caramel vodka, and apple cider, this easy sangria recipe is perfect for parties. View Recipe

Make the most of your beloved BBQ condiment and popular American snack with this electrolyte-filled bomb shot recipe. Just drop a shot glass of Irish whiskey into a half pint of pickle juice, and BAM! There you have it! View Recipe

This one goes out to our homeboys, babes, and theys with a sweet tooth. The South makes everything sweeter, so have at this fruity vodka and rum jungle juice recipe. View Recipe

You’ll definitely want to check this one out for some portable and freezable fun at your Memorial Day BBQ. It’s the only acceptable 3-in-1 with recipes for: the Tequila Sunrise, Midori Sour, and Adios Motherf*cker. View Recipe

Pop off with this refreshing and patriotic vodka lemonade recipe. It’s another of our favorite red, white, and blue cocktails with both citrus and blue raspberry flavored vodka and a splash of grenadine for color and sweetness. View Recipe

Rain or shine this Memorial Day weekend, enjoy this frozen mango rum cocktail. It has all the tropical fruit flavors and even more sex appeal for you to enjoy and live your life to the fullest. View Recipe

A patriotic twist on a Long Island Iced Tea? Yes please! This super strong Memorial Day recipe kicks things up a notch in using both vanilla and cherry vodka for a sweeter, red-blooded Long Island cocktail worthy of ‘Murica. View Recipe

This boozy, economic jungle juice recipe is for all our people ballin’ on a budget. Between vodka, orange drank, and Hawaiian punch, this potent and penny-pinching bad boy is perfect for parties and your backyard BBQ. View Recipe

Vodka lemonades and beer are the OG summer BBQ classics, so why not combine them? This refreshing citrus vodka beer pitcher adds sexy strawberries to your boozetastic lemonade cocktail, and is big enough to share. View Recipe

Let your (American) freak flag fly with this patriotic pitcher. While this peachy white wine sangria is pretty clear, raspberries, blueberries, and melon cubes proudly stand at attention for our red, white, and blue. View Recipe

If you’re looking for a Memorial Day weekend BBQ centerpiece, we gotchu, fam. Just hollow this bad boy out, save the bits, and blend them up with rum, peach schnapps, melon liqueur, and citrus juice. View Recipe