Cocktails 101

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Cocktails 101

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With an audience of 35+ million fans, the most popular bartender in the world teaches you to mix up drinks like a pro!

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What you'll learn

Liquor 101: when & how to mix your booze

The "5 Steps" to make any drink

Creative mixology, flavor pairing & how to create cocktails from scratch

Bartending basics, tools, skills & lingo

Secret hacks & pro-tips to navigate any bar & mix cocktails with style

Easily mix up show-stopping cocktails using everyday ingredients

Embarrassing mistakes & how to avoid them

Mind-blowing party tricks & 5-star cocktails to share with friends & family

All you need for a perfect home bar setup & the skills to make party classics on-demand

9 garnishing techniques to get your drinks camera-ready

This course includes:

2 hours on-demand video

13 video lessons

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Liquor. Cocktails. Bartending Confidence.

For the first time ever, Tipsy Bartender reveals the secrets to mixing up cocktails like a pro! Whether you're on the lookout for easy recipes to memorize or a more comprehensive guide to mixology, these 13 video lessons will give you the bartending confidence & skills you need to mix up delicious cocktails - no matter what you have to work with!

Yes, the world of alcohol can be complex & intimidating – but it doesn’t have to be.

After creating hundreds of original cocktail recipes, I can confidently say that making drinks comes down to a few basic skills & concepts– ALL of which you’ll learn this course!

In just a few hours, you’ll have the tools you need to whip up camera-ready cocktails, impress your date & bring any party to life – with or without a recipe!

Tipsy Bartender’s Online Home Bartending Class includes:

  • 13 easy-to-follow video lessons
  • Bartending basics, tools, skills & lingo
  • The “5 Steps” to make ANY drink
  • Mixology: the secrets of flavor pairing
  • Liquor 101: navigating any liquor aisle, bar or cocktail menu
  • Mind-blowing party tricks & pro-tips
  • Common mistakes & how to avoid them

. . . and everything you need to know to mix up insanely delicious cocktails using everyday ingredients!

Liquor. Cocktails. Bartending Confidence. This ultimate video guide teaches you the simple skills, secret hacks, & pro-tips to navigate any bar and mix cocktails with style.


1. Introduction: The 5 Steps To Make Any Drink

2. Liquor 101: Building A Cocktail & Flavor Pairing

3. Bar Tools, Lingo & Glasses

4. Clear Ice (…And Why It Matters!)

5. Chill & Dilute: The 5 Types of Ice

6. Measure & Pour Like A Pro

7. How to Stir: When & Why

8. How To Shake: When & Why

9. Let’s Get Muddling

10. Sweet & Sour, Simple Syrup & Other Sweeteners

11. How To Layer Cocktails

12. Presentation: The Garnish

13. Test Your Skills: Classic & Party Cocktails

This course is perfect for…

The Casual Drinker: Mixing cocktails is the ultimate social skill! Learn your way around the bar & how mastering simple tricks – like pouring a layered drink – will make you the life of the party. (Plus, it’s perfect for date night! *wink wink*)

The “I’m spending WAY too much money on alcohol” Drinker: Going out is expensive. I’ll show you how to recreate $15 cocktails at a fraction of the price. Make any hour happy hour when you learn to whip up show-stopping cocktails using everyday ingredients.

The Drinker Who Wants to Learn More About Liquor: Tired of ordering “safe drinks” when you go out? Soon, you’ll be able to confidently order any drink – with or without a menu – because you’ll know your stuff!

Party People!: Make your next party one to remember! Well, your friends might not because of all the cocktails you made them 😉 We’ll cover what you need for the perfect home bar setup & the skills to make party classics on-demand.

In this course…

  • We’ll break down cocktail making into 5 simple steps you can easily learn, carry with you & use to make any drink!
  • Understand mixology, the science behind flavor pairing and how to create your own drink recipes from scratch.
  • Navigating the liquor aisle & ordering drinks will never be the same! You’ll look at a cocktail menu, understand it & get an idea of how each drink might taste.
  • Making a punch bowl or jungle juice? Here’s the number one way almost everyone screws it up (…and what to do instead)!
  • Shock your friends or hot date when you effortlessly mix up delicious & impressive drinks – no matter the occasion or what you have to work with!
  • Know what a drink is going to taste like even before you make it (and exactly what pairs well with what so you can create your own picture perfect cocktails at home)
  • Understand what your bartender is doing when they make your drink & communicate in “bar speak”
  • Know enough about liquor & cocktails to be prepared for any social situation or conversation…maybe even show off a little 😉
  • Learn to garnish like a pro & quickly go from “the person pouring drinks” to the hot shot mixing up cocktails like a boss!

What's Inside 👇

1: Liquor 101

Learn the basic building blocks of a cocktail – liquors & liqueurs – & how they come together with other mixers to make the perfect cocktail.

2: Bar Tools, Lingo & Glasses

Bar lingo, cocktail glasses & 12 essential tools to take your bartending game to the next level! In this lesson, we’ll cover all the essential bar tools used to combine ingredients so you can confidently mix perfect cocktails – every time.

3: Clear Ice (...And Why It Matters!)

Want to make your drinks look and taste better? STOP using freezer ice. Ice will make or break your cocktail. Whenever making drinks, remember: clear ice is the way to go. Are we clear?! (…yep, that was an ice pun)

4: Chill & Dilute: The 5 Types of Ice

Ice doesn’t make your drink cold just by being cold. Your drink gets cold as ice melts into your cocktail, adding water & chilling your drink. In this lesson, we’ll cover when & why each type is used, as this changes based on your ingredients & whether your particular drink is shaken, stirred, served on the rocks or built-in-the glass.

5: Measure & Pour Like a Pro

In this lesson, I’ll teach you how to properly measure & pour so your cocktails taste perfectly balanced – always. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone pour out the cocktail you made for them. The easiest way to avoid that? Get your proportions right!

6: How to Stir: When & Why

Nope, this isn’t a joke... there’s ACTUALLY a technique to stirring! Before you call me out for teaching you how to stir… hear me out. Stirring with a bar spoon might look easy— but there is an art & method to mastering "the perfect stir".

7: How & When to Shake

Shaking a drink? Trust me, everyone’s watching. Here’s how to shake like a pro. Not all ingredients mix well. Like stirring, you use shaking to mix, chill & dilute your cocktail. But unlike stirring, you HAVE to shake when working with certain ingredients.

8: Let's Get Muddling

Learn how to extract flavors & aromas from ingredients— giving your drinks a new dimension of flavor! Making a mojito, mint julep or a whiskey smash? You’ll need to muddle ingredients.

9: Sweet & Sour, Simple Syrup & Other Sweeteners

In this lesson, I’ll show you how to make simple syrup and sweet & sour at home using ingredients you already have— saving you 50% on what you would’ve spent at the grocery store.

10: How to Layer Cocktails

Layering drinks is one of the quickest, easiest ways to impress people – and it’s so simple! Pouring a perfectly layered cocktail is THE ULTIMATE magic trick & your secret weapon to making epically beautiful drinks. Once you learn my #1 rule for pouring perfectly crisp layers — you’ll be able to make jaws drop on demand.

11: Presentation: The Garnish

Adding the right garnish can transform your drink into a picture-perfect masterpiece. Presentation is all about the finishing touches, namely: the garnish. Learn to garnish like a pro & you’ll quickly go from "the person pouring drinks" to the hot shot mixing up cocktails like a boss!

12: Test Your Skills: Classic & Party Cocktails

Learn to make 4 classic party cocktails step-by-step. PLUS, everything you need for your home bar starter kit. Looking to make drinks at home? I’ll show you the 5 liquors, 4 liqueurs, tools & other essential bar basics you’ll need for a versatile home bartending kit.


Can I watch these videos on my phone? (or any other mobile device?)

Yes! As long as you have an internet connection, you can stream the course from any phone, tablet, computer, TV or desktop device.

Do I need alcohol and other ingredients to learn? How much will that cost?

It depends. If you’re practicing bartending techniques like shaking or free pouring, you can practice with water. But if you’re practicing how to make a specific drink— yes, you’ll need to buy your own ingredients.

How much you spend depends on you, your taste and what you want to make! For example, if you can’t stand drinking Smirnoff… you’ll probably need to pay more for something like Grey Goose. But if you’re making drinks that require simple syrup or sweet & sour, we’ll teach you how to make them at home at a fraction of the price. 

With the information you’ll learn in the course, you’ll learn which ingredients to buy and how much, what to look for, price point and quality guidance, guidance to help navigate the liquor aisle and how best to save money when making drinks at home!

Won’t I need tools to practice?

Having bar tools would be great, but they’re not 100% necessary to learn. In this course, I'll show you how to find bar tool substitutions using everyday kitchen utensils so you can practice WITHOUT proper bar tools. If you do want to gear up, we’ll give you tips on which tools you need [and the ones you don’t], where to get them, average price point and other tips to help you get the tools and glasses you need. 

How will I receive the course?

After you purchase the course, you’ll automatically land on the Tipsy Exclusive home page and given unrestricted access to the entire course library. We’ll also send you an email with your purchase confirmation and all the details that tell you how and where to access your course. From there, you are free to watch and explore any and all of the 13 lessons in whichever order you choose, however, we recommend watching the course from start to finish. 

How do I access the videos?

Once you’ve purchased the course, simply log in at and start watching! Upon purchase, we’ll also send you an email reminding you how and where to log in so you don’t forget!

How long will it take for me to learn to home bartend?

If you wanted to, you could finish the course in a single afternoon and whip up a mixed drink that evening. But to get comfortable with bartending, you’ll need to practice. If you practice as you watch the videos, you’ll get the hang of the techniques fairly quickly.

Are there any monthly fees? Is this a membership?

Nope. There are no hidden monthly fees. Once you purchase the course, you get lifetime access. Watch the videos anytime, anywhere and as much as you want!

Do I get a certification for completing this course?

Yes! You will receive a certificate of completion, but this is not a professional bartending license. If you are interested in working as a bartender in a bar, we recommend you look up the certification process and requirements necessary to gain employment as a bartender. Note: Not all states have the same certifications and working requirements.

Even if I don’t plan to become a bartender, wouldn’t it be more worth it if I took a bartending certification class?

It depends. Bartending classes that offer certifications often go really in-depth— including bar etiquette, customer service and how to deal with aggressive/drunk customers. Also, the price often ranges from $100 - $600. If you’re mainly interested in learning how to mix drinks, save money on alcohol and be a killer party host, Tipsy Exclusive will get you there faster (and at a fraction of the cost).