420 Drinks

In cannabis culture, April 20th is a high holiday of marijuana celebration. So why not make a few holiday cocktails? This celebratory herb with both medicinal and euphoric properties can be received in many forms: packing, rolling, eating, vaping, you name it. Our 4/20 drinks and marijuana cocktails are just as diverse as your cannabis consumption. What's better to soothe your cotton mouth than nice, tasty 420 drinks? Start off the festivities with some weed cocktails. Our 420 Liquid Marijuana Jello Shots are like edibles but with booze, and you know mind-altered jiggly texture is tons of fun. 4/20 parties are great, but they're not complete without some 420 drinks. If you're hosting a crowd and are limited on time, check out our 420 Liquid Marijuana Jungle Juice. It's a similar take on the jello shots and just as good. Let's say you're looking for fancier 4/20 drinks. Check out our recipe for our Hipnotiq Purple Haze. These shimmery marijuana cocktails are as beautiful as they are delicious. Yes, this is the 4/20 drinks list, but even in the munchies department, Tipsy Bartender has your back. Our Booze Filled Icebox Cake and Guinness Brownies are perfect for snacking. Unlike your edibles, you can eat full size servings and even go back for seconds. No matter how you enjoy our 420 drinks, just remember to pass it to the left.  
Where the heck did 420 come from?
Excellent question, homeboy! You have the "Waldos" to thank for 4:20 and The High Times for popularizing their story. The Waldos were a group of high school students in the 70's with a map and a dream of finding an abandoned cannabis crop. 4:20 was their meeting time, and after several failed attempts of finding the map's treasure, it became their code for a smoke sesh. The iconic time gained even more fame on the road with the Grateful Dead, and 4:20 became the acceptable time to light up. Let's toast to the Waldos with some 420 drinks!