April Fools Drinks

It's time to pull some April Fools pranks! But this is Tipsy Bartender, so you know we've got some April Fools drinks up our sleeve. Whether you're gagging your friends or giggling together, our novelty cocktail recipes are fun for the whole squad. But if these get too much for you, feel free to cleanse your palate with some of our other holiday cocktails.   If you're really looking to get some gags out of your crew, you might wanna check out our recipes that use whole eggs. Dare your friends to try the Prairie Chicken. This April Fools drink is absolutely fowl with gin, a cracked egg, and a little sprinkle of salt and pepper. Let's say you like your friends a little more than that. Serve them up The Gag Reflex. This may sound worse, but it's pretty much a beerified Bloody Mary with an egg in the bottom. As an April Fools joke with a little delay but a great payoff, you could serve this up, say it's a regular ol' Bloody Mary, and wait.   Maybe you and your friends have egg allergies. We don't know your life. Check out our curdled April Fools drinks. Our recipe for our Drain Pipe Shot looks pretty nasty, but don't worry. This totally weird shooter mixes up Irish cream, blue curacao, and cola, and is basically a little gross magic trick in a shot glass. Seriously, this green shooter will both impress and frighten your friends. If that's a little much visually, try out our recipe for our Cement Mixer. One shot Irish cream, one shot of lime juice, mix in your mouth until you experience the chunky sludge.  
Y'all nasty. Why do you even have these drinks?
We don't know what to tell you, homeboy. Like we always say: Here are Tipsy Bartender, we serve the common man, people! So this is what you want, and if you're here on this page looking for April Fools drinks, you're part of it.