Bachelorette Party Drinks

They don't call it a bridal party for nothing! Throw the bride-to-be the best bachelorette party ever with some wild cocktails and naughty drinks. Sure, the wedding is going to be great, but this is your bad-ass bestie, and she deserves a party as crazy and fantastic as she is. Celebrate her final party as a single woman with Tipsy Bartender's recipes for bachelorette party drinks! Oh, and don't forget the strippers.  
Let's get this party started!!!!!
You said it, girlfriend! So why not kick off the festivities with some Blowjob Shots? These fun and suggestive shots are a classic naughty drink, which makes them perfect for your bridal bestie's bachelorette party. The girls are sure to love this creamy dessert drink containing amaretto, coffee liqueur, Irish cream, and whipped cream. But there's no way you can skip out on the hilarious and fun hands-free way to take it! For a wild cocktail you can babysit, check out our recipe for our Panties Unleashed. To make this sexy and delicious bachelorette party drink, mix up strawberry purée, Triple Sec, passion fruit syrup, and orange juice. And why not sexify your cocktail further with mini vodka bottles, lime slices, and orange slices? We're maxing out that slushy fruity mixed drink tastiness!
But what if we're having family over? They're a bit more... conservative.
Who brings family to a bachelorette party?? You could just not tell them the cocktail names, but don't worry, homeboy. Tipsy Bartender is here with bachelorette party drinks that even your most hoity-toity family members can enjoy. Hand everyone a Pink Mimosa so they can toast to the bride. This wild, peachy mimosa combines champagne, grenadine, and peach schnapps. It's already secretly sexy, but we think we can do you one more. To sneak in a bit more sexification, rim the glass with sugar and garnish with strawberries for an even sweeter champagne cocktail that even Grandma is sure to enjoy. And as always, congratulations and stay Tipsy!