All Beer Drinks & Recipes

Beer is our best friend. It's been with us through nights out, daytime lunches, house parties, and even showers. What better way to honor our humble companion than to jazz it up as a beer cocktail? Whether you're simply sexifying it with spices and a bit of juice to create a Chavela or taking bomb shots with your bros, a beer cocktail is a great time anyone can appreciate. Our hoppy friend stands by our side at just about every occasion and celebration. Iconic Beer Towers are perfect for game day get-togethers, and the Pink Panty Dropper Punch makes for the best and most unique jungle juice for your next sexy party. Slow things down and imagine a hot summer day relaxing poolside. You're thirsty, yeah? Reach over and wet your whistle with some Summer Beer, a citrusy beer cocktail with a vodka punch. And for those in Party Modeā„¢, check out our Anthrax Island Shot. Fortunately, skin contact won't transfer the bomb shot to your friends, and you should still give them a high five. But what if you and your buddies have an even wilder side? Dare each other to try The Gag Reflex because this beer cocktail is not for the faint of heart.
There are, like, a million types of beers. Does it matter which one I use?
Hold on, home boy, because different types of beer can influence your cocktail. Some recipes call for specific types of beer like Charity's Secret Sauce, which calls for Japanese Pale Ale to add to Japanese whiskey. We're familiar with Irish Car Bombs using Guinness, but they really just call for Stout. Drinks like the Power Drill don't call for a specific beer, and jungle juices are pretty much designed for using whatever cheap beer you can get your hands on. What you use is up to you, but we don't judge because that's your business. Stay tipsy!