Bomb Shots

Let that Jager bomb drop, baby! Because Tipsy Bartender has done it again! We're bringing you all your favorite bomb shot recipes from classics to sexy stacked bomb shots you wouldn't believe. You can't get wet and wild without entering the splash zone, can you? So get ready to party with sake bombs to Vegas bomb shot recipes. And if you're good, you can have a little Irish Car Bomb with a twist as a treat.  
I'm a bomb shot virgin! What are the classics and where do I begin?
You wanna talk classic bomb shots? We got you, homeboy. You gotta go with the OG and check out our Jager Bomb recipe. This energized cocktail is buzzing with popularity. It's super simple because you just take your shot of Jagermeister and drop it into a pint glass of the energy drink of your choice. Jager isn't everyone's jam, so if it's not yours, peep our Vegas Bomb Shot recipe. This sexy, sexy bad boy takes a Crown Royal and butterscotch schnapps shot and drops it into your faithful energy drink. But for some extra bomb shots fun, let's take a trip out East. Maybe you watched Naruto as a kid and developed an unhealthy obsession with Japan. Increase your ninja run speed with our Sake Bomb recipe. This  just place a sake shot on some chopsticks over a cup of beer, and then just bang on the table until that little shot drops into the beer and you are good to go!  
I know you guys. Where's all the weird stuff?
As promised, you can have a little Irish Car Bomb recipe twist as a treat. Our Action B*stard bomb shot lines up equal parts rum cream and amaretto and drops them into a dunk tank of half a pint of Guinness. Which makes it a fun and delicious play on our Irish Car Bomb recipe. But if you really wanna get freaky, check out our reverse bomb shots.