Cheap & Affordable Cocktails

Ain’t no shame in ballin’ on a budget. They say that limitations breed creativity, and whether or not you agree, Tipsy Bartender is certainly creative. We’re out here slangin’ easy cocktail recipes that you can make with even the most limited budget. Why would we do that? Because cheap drinks are where it’s at, homeboy! And we serve the common man, so of course we’ve got the cheap alcoholic drink goods. From cheap shots to economic jungle juice, we have you covered on all the recipes you need for your next party.  

What’s the cheapest drink to make?

It depends on where you get your booze! When shopping for your cheap drink ingredients, take a peek at the bottom shelf because that’s where all the super affordable alcohol lives. But the less ingredients you use for your cheap drink recipes, the less you end up spending. Make sense? Of course it does! For a super cheap alcoholic drink you can have during any time of the day, whip up a Screwdriver or a few. It’s just vodka and orange juice, so it’s also one of the best cheap drinks ever. But if you like a little fizz in your mixed drinks, you can always peep our Cuba Libre recipe. This affordable alcohol bad boy combines rum and cola. It’s also sometimes called a Rum & Coke.  

Do you have any cheap jungle juice recipes?

You know we do, homeboy! Our $30 Strawberry Jungle Juice is perfect for your next party. This large batch recipe makes for a ton of cheap drinks. Sexify your pitcher or serving container with sliced strawberries, green apples, and lemons. Pour over vodka, rum, sour apple pucker, and strawberry soda for this cheap cocktail recipe. Easy, right? But if you’re hosting a larger party, peep Tipsy Bartender’s famous $40 Jungle Juice! With taxes, it may come out to a little more, but that’s capitalism, baby.