Christmas Cocktails

Tis the season for holiday cocktails, and the night before Christmas party is about to be lit. We've got Christmas cocktails for every day of Christmas. More than that, choose one of many Christmas sangrias, party punches and a ton of other Christmas cocktail recipes. If you're a fan of the more classic Christmas drinks, you might be surprised at how much you can do with eggnog and hot chocolate...

Key Ingredients for Christmas Cocktails

A great Christmas cocktail recipe brings people together. Or, if you’re keeping it simple this year, it at least brings a little festivity into your life. Remember walking in to the smell of holiday cookies is a kid? Do it like that. Think about your Christmas cocktails like you would your Christmas cookies. That means flavors like peppermint, gingerbread, nutmeg, butterscotch and chocolate are your staples. Tis the season to include them in your mixological process. But that’s just one way you can go. Fruity cocktails can win big at holiday parties, too. Berry and citrus mesh easily with the smell of hot cocoa or a cinnamon candle burning by the window. Really, you have ample room to play with these different holiday drink recipes. Some want a warm tea when it’s cold outside. Others want to double down on the misery and have a cold one. Ultimately, you want to help people feel warm. And sometimes, that requires a cool drink. Make sense? Say goodnight with a Christmas Sangria. Open presents over mimosas the next morning. Carol over cocoa and Bailey’s. You’ll find all the holiday hotness and winter coolness you’re looking for in our holiday cocktail collection. Also, be sure to tie everything together with solid visual presentation. If it ever matters, it’s during the holidays. Now, put on your favorite holiday flick (either Jingle All the Way or Die Hard are acceptable) and let’s get started.