Cocktail Popsicles

Cool off your hot bod with Tipsy Bartender's fun and sexy cocktail popsicles! These boozy popsicle bad boys are perfect as summertime treats but can be enjoyed any time of year. So whether you're whipping up a batch of alcoholic popsicles for your backyard BBQ or just as a personal treat, our frozen drink recipes come in all your favorite alcohols like vodka, rum, and more.
How can you make a cocktail into popsicles??
With a freezer, a little bit of patience, and our fabulous, frozen recipes, homeboy! But of course everybody has their preferences on how to enjoy their favorite cocktail popsicles, so we make it easy for you. Maybe you prefer your boozy popsicles as iconic as they can be. Freeze those bad boys in a mold with that iconic popsicle stick to hold on to and have a great lickin' time. But if that's not your jam, we can fix that right up too. Pour your cocktails into tubes, freeze them, and you have a perfect alcoholic popsicle in freeze pop form! So it doesn't matter if you prefer licking or sucking because you do you.
So what's good then?
We all have different tastes, my friend. So it's best for you to take a look for yourself, but we can suggest a couple easy cocktail popsicle recipes to get you started. Vodka is usually a pretty safe place to start. If you wanna get your vodka popsicle freak on, our Screwdriver Popsicles are a light and refreshing vodka popsicle recipe to start with. But maybe you want something a little less basic. Tipsy Bartender is known for our sexy candy cocktails, so peep our recipe for our Skittles Vodka Popsicles. These sweet alcoholic popsicles take a little extra prep in infusing your own Skittles Vodka, but it's super fun and delicious.