Flaming Shots

What’s up, homeboy! If you couldn’t get enough of Tipsy Bartender’s flaming drink recipes, you’re in luck because we’re coming at you with part two: flaming shots! These cute little guys are a party favorite and easy to underestimate, but make no mistake because our flaming shots recipes are powerful. I mean, what’s more powerful than a shot that’s literally on fire and so boozy that it actually ignites? Nothing! We tried!

Oh heck yeah! I skipped the flaming drinks and went straight to the flaming shots. How does the whole fire thing work with it being… wet?

No worries, we gotchu. Since we’re tutoring, there’s a little science that comes into play, which is why flaming drinks are so dang impressive. Most flaming shots recipes are gonna call for an overproof rum, but any overproof liquor will do. You just have to be careful not to mix it with the rest of your shot when layering it to the top, but science strikes again with density! So your high proof alcohol should float above the rest.

Solid. I’m ready to partake in the flames! But where do I start when it comes to flaming shots recipes?

It’s always good to take a look for yourself because only you know what you like. But there are a couple popular flaming shots, and things tend to be popular for a reason. The Flaming B52 shot is also a layered shot. Cool, right? It’s equal parts coffee liqueur, Irish cream, grand marnier, with a splash of 151 rum. The Flaming Dr. Pepper shot is also one of the hottest bomb shots out there. This flaming shot recipe is especially fun because you don’t have to blow it out before you drink it. Between the amaretto, overproof rum, and beer, it kinda actually tastes like the real thing.