Frozen Vodka Drinks

What’s up, homeboy! It’s time to get your frozen freak on with frozen vodka drinks! We love a good frozen cocktail, so why not booze up your frosty business with one of the most popular liquors? Vodka recipes tend to make versatile and easy cocktails, so you can party hard without working too much for it. There’s also no better way to beat the heat than with frozen drinks, so fire up your ice maker because Tipsy Bartender is packing the best alcoholic slush recipes and more.  

Heck yeah! I love vodka! How can you make it into frozen drinks though?

Easy peasy, my friend! You can use it in alcoholic slush recipes like our Vodka Red Bull Slush. It’s like your classic Vodka Red Bull but slushy. But like we said, vodka is a huge contender when it comes to easy mixed drinks, so you can put it in most things. And if you’re still having a hard time with your frozen vodka drink vision, you can even make spiked milkshakes and boozy popsicles. We even have fun frozen spins on classic vodka drinks like our Screwdriver Popsicles recipe.   

Okay, but what if I’m throwing a pool party? There’s no way you have a frozen vodka jungle juice recipe.

Oh-hohoho! You underestimate us greatly. Tipsy Bartender is no stranger to partying, so of course we have the hookup for your large batch frozen vodka drinks. Whip up a couple jugs of our Lake Day Punch. This frozen vodka drink recipe will have your party poppin’ with the added benefit of being one of the best cheap drinks you can make because it’s basically vodka and Koolaid. But it works really well as a frozen drink because vodka doesn’t freeze, bay-bee! Also, don’t limit yourself to just vodka jungle juice for your heatwave parties. Check out our vodka popsicle recipes and make some time to plan beforehand to impress your guests.