Hot/Warm Drinks

It's time to heat things up with hot alcoholic drinks! Yes, yes, we know hot cocktails are usually enjoyed in the cooler months as fall and winter cocktails, but you know how we do. Very little limits exist here at Tipsy Bartender when it comes to sexified cocktail creations. So whether you're tryna get hot and heavy or cozy up to your boo, we have hot drink recipes for you to enjoy all year round.  
Help! I've never had a hot alcoholic drink! Is that even legal??
Of course it's legal, homeboy! Well, as long as you're of age in your area. Since you've never had a hot cocktail, you should probably check out the classics. The Hot Toddy is definitely one to try if you're new to hot drinks. This hot alcoholic drink is super easy to make and is pretty healthy for you. Well, as healthy as an alcoholic beverage can be. Combine lemon juice, honey, whiskey, and hot water for a great cocktail that is said to combat the common cold. But if that doesn't tickle your pickle, you can always kick off your morning with an Irish Coffee. This simple sexy hot alcoholic drink mixes coffee, brown sugar, Irish whiskey, and heavy cream. But if you prefer your coffee on the lighter side, you should check out some variations like our Hot Nutty Irishman recipe.  
Okay, but Hulu had Die Hard so now I'm super craving some winter cocktails. Could you hook it up?
Where do you think you are? This is Tipsy Bartender, homeboy! All we do is hook it up with the drinks. For a fun and fruity rum take on a spiked hot chocolate, try out The Ski Lift. This sweet and chocolaty hot alcoholic drink is sure to be a hit with your friends and taste buds. It combines coconut rum, peach schnapps, and hot chocolate. Sexify this winter cocktail bad boy further with whipped cream and coconut flakes. Just because. But if you really want a hot drink challenge, check out The Winter Blazer. This crazy mixology hot cocktail will test your skills and liquor cabinet, but it's damn good.