Purple Cocktails

Ay, papi! Are you ready for purple cocktails? Because we are! We’re singing and slinging classics from Purple Rain to Purple Haze. So whether you’re a lavender lover or magenta fan, Tipsy Bartender has perfect cocktail recipes in all your favorite purple drink shades. 

I need something iconic, Tipsy Bartender! Can you make it happen?

Of course, homeboy! We have your favorite iconic purple cocktails right here! Get hazy with the Purple Haze drink shots. We actually have two versions of the Purple Haze drink shot recipe, so try them both and let us know which you like better. But if neither of those tickle your purple pickle, you can’t go wrong with the Purple Rain drink. Prince himself would love this purple cocktail recipe named after his album. The Purple Rain drink mixes vodka, lemonade, blue curaçao, and grenadine. Another fun duo we have is the shot and cocktail versions of the Purple Passion drink. The Purple Passion drink shot is a more streamlined recipe, but the Purple Passion drink cocktail shakes up vodka, gin, rum, raspberry liqueur, and sweet & sour. Top that bad boy off with lemon-lime soda, and BANG. There you have it!  

Help! I’m a social media influencer, and I need something aesthetic for the ‘gram!

We gotchu, social media star! Peep our Boozy Lavender Coconut Lemonade. Yes, we know it’s a mouthful, but so is this sexy purple cocktail. Vodka, coconut rum, and Hpnotiq Harmonie topped with lemonade and lavender syrup make for the most delicious and aesthetic lavender drink. But if you’re feeling really fancy and want to add a little zest to your photo op, add a couple fresh lavender sprigs and a lemon wheel just for garnish. But maybe you’re up for a little mixology challenge. Our recipe for the Butterfly Effect is even more aesthetic with two layers and a color you can only get from Butterfly Pea Flower tea.