RumChata Recipes

The popular RumChata is a sweet and spiced blend between rum and horchata, as its name suggests. This tropical cinnamon cream liqueur comes to you all the way from exotic Wisconsin. Much like with Bailey's, RumChata is at the top of the list for creamy dessert cocktail ingredients. RumChata drinks have a certain je ne sais quois about them that's so appealing to a wide audience. Maybe it's the comfort creamy sweets have on us or how smooth this rum cream can turn any drink. Whatever it is, Tipsy Bartender has some exciting and memorable RumChata recipes just for you. It's no secret that an event turns fancy whenever a cream liqueur is involved. Don't get us wrong, you can rage hardcore with whatever booze you want, but you have to admit that there's something special about rum cream. Our Puck Her Right is the perfect RumChata drink for a date. It's pink, fruity, and tasty as hell. You still have to be a gentleman, but we can guarantee she'll call you back after serving up this recipe. The Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shot is a RumChata and Fireball classic, and it's pretty difficult to beat those happy and fun childhood morning memories associated with it. Birthdays, bachelor parties, and other events starting with B aren't complete without our super easy Funfetti Shots. Cake Vodka, RumChata, and some sprinkles are all you need for this celebratory shooter. We even have Rumchata drinks for those big manly men who don't like "girly drinks." Check out our recipe for Not Your Father's Root Beer Float. It's big, it's manly, and we show you how to make RumChata whipped cream.
Is it all just dessert drinks?
You can't fault rum cream for being so perfect in dessert cocktails, but we do have RumChata drink recipes a little further off the dessert scale. We have recipes for both Hot and Iced Lemon Lattes so you can stay warm or cool and have your citrus too. Our RumChata Limosa is a great cocktail for any brunch. And our RumChata Strawberry Limonade is a delicious and refreshing drink you can have anytime.