Super Bowl Drinks

Every year, the Super Bowl brings together millions of football fans all over the country, from the stadium to the tailgate parties and backyard BBQs. Though the fans watching the game in the stadium will have to buy over-priced drinks, you don't have to! We've got thousands of Super Bowl Sunday cocktail recipes perfect for sitting down and watching the game on your couch. If you're hosting a big Super Bowl party at home, chances are you'll probably need a LOT of alcohol to go along with whatever snacks and food you're planning. What's the best possible solution? Super Bowl jungle juice! First, take your favorite liquors (vodka, rum, etc.) and pour them into a big container - Gatorade jug, water jug, storage container, any will do. Then, simply mix in whatever juice, fruits, or soda works best! And don't worry about finding the right recipe, our jungle juice recipes have got you covered. For a tasty, fruity twist on party punch, make the ultimate Super Bowl punch! You just need tequila, triple sec, peach Schnapps, and a large watermelon, plus oranges, limes, and a mango. The Super Bowl is a classic American tradition, and like all other American traditions, deserves to be celebrated with an ice cold beer. But if you really want to up your game this year, try one of our many refreshing beer margaritas! These beer margarita recipes are perfect for sipping while cheering on your team. Chill out on the couch or play drinking games with your friends - there's no wrong way to celebrate.  Come together with your best buddies and raise a glass to your love of the game. Whether you prefer beer margaritas, jungle juices, party punches, shots, or even a Beer Tower, you'll find the perfect drinks to get the tailgate party started.