Lesson 09

Let's Get Muddling

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In This Lesson

Learn how to extract flavors & aromas from ingredients— giving your drinks a new dimension of flavor!

Making a mojito, mint julep or a whiskey smash? You’ll need to muddle ingredients. 

Muddling isn’t hard…

… but knowing WHAT ingredients to muddle & HOW BEST to muddle them can be tricky. Muddle too much & your drink might end up bitter. Muddle too little & you’ll end up with a bland & boring drink.

In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • How to properly muddle specific ingredients so you don’t ruin your drink.
  • Common mistakes people make when muddling…AND tips you need to avoid making them yourself!
  • When & why you need to muddle certain ingredients to make flavorful, beautiful drinks! 

Ready? Let’s get muddling!