4th Of July Drinks To Make Your Party Pop

Memorial Day is pregaming. Labor Day is summer ghosting you. But Independence Day?

Straight fire(works).

Sorry, other holidays, not sorry. We're dropping truth bombs, now. When the red, white and blue cocktails are flowing, summer is bumping.

Checking out a little rockets' red glare, 4th of July cocktails all around, it's basically that feeling when moms lets you fly solo with a sparkler for the first time, and says you can have the whole bomb pop to yourself, right down to the blue. (Speaking of bomb pops, everybody knows the blue layer is GOAT, right?)

Anyway, it'd be downright un-American not to celebrate the anniversary of the July 4th, 1776 adoption of our country's Declaration of Independence. OG George Washington used to mark the occasion by doubling his soldiers' rations. But we've got a better idea.

Whether you're more MAGA or Gaga, Toby Keith or Colin Kaepernick, hot dogs or brats, we're here to help you keep this thing lit with a slate of 4th of July alcoholic drinks. While your bruh is going deep on some dogs, and the whole fam is slaying some slaw, you'll be bringing it at the bar with these 4th of July shots and drinks.

You're gonna need some Blue Curacao.

4th Of July Mixed Drinks

You've really got to answer only one question: frozen or rocks?

Honestly, though, nothing distills (see what we did there?) the essence of the holiday quite like our 4th of July Pop Rocks Martini. Watermelon vodka and lemon-lime soda bring the summer flavors, Blue Curacao the color. But what really makes this as 4th of July AF is the rim of your glass garnished with pop rocks. A little lime juice will let those bad boys hang around long enough to go off in your mouth.

If you can rustle up three blenders (one for each layer), the 4th of July Spiked Bomb Pop is a three-colored, crazy delicious glass of frozen freedom. It combines rum, coconut rum, Blue Curacao, strawberry daiquiri mix, and a few other ingredients to bathe you in bombtastic booze - and it's garnished with a bomb pop or two, of course.

4th Of July shots

Getting the whole squad tipsy? Our 4th of July All American Jello Shots will handle the job by the turnt tray full. EZ-Jello Strawberrry Daiquiri Mix, Pina Colada Mix and Blue Mai Tai Mix get a boost from cherry vodka, coconut rum and Blue Curacao. 'Merica.

Be the boozy barista who proves these colors don't run - long enough to appreciate the split-level sexiness of these totally gorg 4th of July Layered Shots. Grenadine is the base, white crème de cacao (gently added over a bar spoon) comes next, topped by Blue Curacao - together forming a salute-worthy, red, white and blue beauty.

We've got dozens of other ways to stay tipsy. Stick with us, and all the goodness we have to share. Let someone else's party take the L.