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Letters To Paris

All of you master mixologists out there should try your hand at this Letters To Paris recipe if you think you're a real pro.


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  1. Warm up red wine in a pot.
  2. Combine gin, orange liqueur, lemon juice, simple syrup, and blood orange concentrate in a shaker with ice. Shake well.
  3. Dress your serving glass by expressing and dropping in orange peels, cinnamon sticks, and lavender bitters. Strain the mix over.
  4. Top with hot red wine and drop in slice of blood orange. Garnish with flowers.

*Created by IG: @CharityKJohnston

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More about the Letters To Paris

This wild gin mixology drink combines orange liqueur infused with thyme, lemon juice, simple syrup, blood orange concentrate, lavender bitters, hot red wine, orange peels, cinnamon sticks and vodka, and manages to nail both sweet and bitter cocktail tastiness.

Alcohols:Gin Orange Liqueur Wine

Mixers:Lemon Juice Simple Syrup

Category:Cocktail Mixology Wine

Flavor:Fruity Sweet