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Cinco de Mayo Drinks
Cinco de Mayo Drinks

What better way to celebrate Mexico’s liberation from the French Empire than with some Cinco de Mayo drinks? The 5th of May is a Mexican holiday more popularly celebrated in the United States than in Mexico. Crazy, right? In the U.S., the celebration is more about Mexican-American culture than the actual battle. So raise a margarita glass of your choice because we have the most perfect margarita recipes and holiday cocktails around.

Hell yeah! Margaritas!

That’s right, homeboy! There’s nothing better to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with than a margarita. Lucky for you, we have perfect margarita recipes for any palate so everyone can get their Cinco de Mayo drink fest on. Check out our Frozen Beergarita recipe for one of the most simple frozen margarita recipes you’ll find. Topped with a Mexican beer, this bad boy is one of the easiest Cinco de Mayo drinks you can make. Our Strawberry Margarita By The Gallon is the perfect strawberry margarita recipe when it comes to hosting a crowd. Don’t limit yourself though. Check out all our other margarita recipes!

Ugh, margaritas just aren’t my thing. My Cinco de Mayo is ruined!

Don’t panic! This is Tipsy Bartender. We have something for everyone. If you’re not feeling margaritas, we have some other sexified Cinco de Mayo recipes just for you. Check out our recipe for our Mexican Flag Jello Shots. These tropical jello shots with a dash of sweetened condensed milk are delightfully delicious and fun to eat. If jello shots aren’t really your thing but you still want to show off your Mexican pride and appreciation, our Cinco de Mayo Mexican Flag recipe will do you good. For those throwing large parties, our Cinco de Mayo Party Punch is perfect to get your wild party going. Let’s say you want something a little fancier. Check out our Coco de Mayo recipe because this bad boy is as fancy as it is delicious. Stay tipsy!


Cinco de Mayo Mexican Flag


Mexican Flag Jello Shots


Cinco De Mayo Margarita Fishbowl


Coco de Mayo Cocktail

Mix up tequila, lemon juice, cream of coconut, and pineapple juice, and bang, you have the Coco de Mayo Cocktail.


Cinco de Mayo Party Punch


Suerito, Traditional Mexican Hangover Cure


Cinco de Mayo Cadillac Margarita Bowl

The Cinco de Mayo Cadillac Margarita Bowl is the perfect boozy bowl if you're having a big fiesta for Cinco de Mayo.


Mexican 75

You probably know about the French 75 cocktail, but have you heard of this delicious Mexican 75?


Cinco de Mayo Margarita Jello Shots


Best Margarita!


Cinco De Mayo Bulldog Fishbowl

People, this Cinco de Mayo Bulldog Fishbowl is most definitely the ultimate Cinco de Mayo cocktail.



People, this Mexicola cocktail maxes out the refreshment levels in a big way.