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Holidays & Special Occasions
Holidays & Special Occasions

We want to make sure that matter what holiday you celebrate, you have a holiday cocktails to go with it.

Holiday cocktails make every pastime a good time. For example, try our naughty Christmas cocktail recipes. Shake up some tequila mixed drinks for Cinco de Mayo. Or, draw the bloodiest bloody Mary for Halloween.

Finally, champagne cocktails will help you ring in the new year.

You have a lot of options this holiday season – here’s how you can make the best of it.

Key Ingredients for Holiday Cocktails

Maybe you’re trying to bring people together. Or maybe you’re on your own and feeling festive. Either way, there’s a holiday cocktail recipe in it for you.

Creating atmosphere is important for human beings. Ever walk in on some fresh-baked holiday cookies? You can recreate that feeling, even if it’s just for yourself, with any of these holiday cocktail recipes.

No holiday vibe is complete without chocolate, of course. Also, if you’re leaving shots for Santa, can’t go wrong peppermint, gingerbread, nutmeg or butterscotch in the mix.

However, between Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, New Year’s and everything else, there is much more you could bring to the cocktail party.

Fruity cocktails with berry and citrus flavor can go fine with chocolate, if you mix it right. Cinnamon and apple are best friends this time of year, too.

There is so much room for creativity with holiday drinks. You can do hot or cold, bitter or sweet. Or you can just have a beer.

The point is, how you celebrate a holiday is up to you. And you’ll find the perfect complement in this holiday cocktail collection.

Just remember, presentation matters more than ever this time of year. Whatever you make for your friends and family, or yourself, be sure to dazzle. Stay tipsy and have a great holiday.

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