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Sexy Drinks
Sexy Drinks

Looking to get your freak on with some wild and sexy drinks? Look no further for some down and dirty cocktails. Sexy drinking is the name of the game at Tipsy Bartender, but we promise we didn’t name some of these.

Right out the gate, we’re going Panties Unleashed. This fruity and delicious sunset-colored cocktail is fun for social gatherings, both large and small. If tropical drinks aren’t your thing, check out our Buttery Nipple Shot recipe. This sexy drink is as creamy as it is steamy, and it’s not too far off from its sister Blowjob Shot. With the Blowjob, it’s customary to go “no hands” and pick this bad boy up using only your mouth. Let’s say you’re throwing a big, sexy party and need to feed a crowd. Our Pink Panty Dropper Punch is just what the sexy doctor ordered. It’s sweet with a tart kick, and it’s a pretty refreshing beer-based jungle juice. Because we’re Tipsy Bartender, we also have some pretty out there ones like the Japanese Twerking Booty Cocktail. This one takes some prep, but it’ll be one of the sexiest (and jiggliest) drinks you’ll ever have.

Hold up, some of these sexy drink names are kinda… out there.

Oh, we know, homeboy. This comes up a lot. Like we always say about the weird ones, we didn’t name them. We just make them! You have to admit that as raunchy as some of these names are, they’re damn delicious drinks and fun to make. It’s also kinda fun to order sexy drinks at bars… or get someone to buy one for you. Imagine seeing someone sexy, you’re both vibin’, and they come up to talk to you. You go to make you move and ask for The Dirty Banana Cocktail or a Booty Clap Cocktail. It all works out, they buy you a drink, and you two move on to get an apartment and eventually get married. Boom. Thanks, dirty cocktails!


The Kinky Pirate


Cum in My Panties

Yes people, we know this Cum In My Panties cocktail sounds super wild and dirty, but we swear it's still one of the best vodka dessert drink recipes out there.


D*ck Sucker

Yes, the D*ck Sucker has a very intense name, but it also has a very intense taste that you'll probably love.


Lick My P*ssy Shot

This Lick My P*ssy Shot has a super-dirty name, but it's still a delicious drink that everybody will love.


Juicy P*ssy


Killer Pussy Shot


Wet P*ssy Shot

Celebrate that WAP with this wild 3-liquor shot recipe. This fruity shot uses vodka, gin, coconut rum, peach schnapps, pineapple juice, and cranberry juice.


Panties Unleashed

Yes, this Panties Unleashed cocktail has a dirty name, but it still tastes super clean and sweet.


You Sexy Dog You

The You Sexy Dog You is one of those whiskey cocktails that's perfect for parties or just chilling.


The Dirty Banana


Booty Clap Cocktail

Get your sexy mixed drink on with this Booty Clap Cocktail.


Sex In The City