For those who want to better understand the relationship between the U.S. and alcohol, here are 10 super-useful and generally enlightening statistics that will help you get a handle on how all types of Americans get their tipsy on.  1. What's America's favorite type of alcohol?  2. What's the most popular liquor in each state?  3. How about which wines are most popular in each state?  4. Which states buy the most wine?  5. How about some random booze stats for each state?  6. What are the best-selling whiskies in the U.S.?  7. Which champagne brands do rich Americans drink?  8. Which states have the most craft breweries?  9. How much hard liquor does America import and export?  10. Most importantly: Where can I drink on the street?  Did these American liquor statistics red, white, and blow your mind? Which Americans do you think would enjoy the cocktails below the most? Let us know, people! See recipe See recipe

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