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All Gin Drinks & Recipes

Step into the world of gin cocktails, where classics get a sexy upgrade and newcomers can sip on simple delights like Gin & Juice or Gin & Tonic.

Step into the world of gin cocktails, where classics get a sexy upgrade and newcomers can sip on simple delights like Gin & Juice or Gin & Tonic.


Classic Gin Martini image

Classic Gin Martini

Dirty Gin Martini image

Dirty Gin Martini

The Negroni image

The Negroni

Adios Motherfucker image

Adios Motherfucker

Harvey Wallbanger image

Harvey Wallbanger

The Aviation image

The Aviation

Gin & Juice image

Gin & Juice

Tom Collins image

Tom Collins

The Clover Club Cocktail image

The Clover Club Cocktail

Bees Knees image

Bees Knees

Gimlet image


French 75 image

French 75

Flying Blue Bird image

Flying Blue Bird

Naked Martini image

Naked Martini

More Life image

More Life

Unicorn Gin image

Unicorn Gin

Churchill Martini image

Churchill Martini

English Rose image

English Rose

Colony Cocktail image

Colony Cocktail

Ginger Mule image

Ginger Mule

Alexander image


Merchant of False Promises image

Merchant of False Promises

Bahamas Sky Juice image

Bahamas Sky Juice

Sparkling Bee’s Knees image

Sparkling Bee’s Knees

Berry Lemonade image

Berry Lemonade

Bird Bath image

Bird Bath

Blackberry Lemon G&T image

Blackberry Lemon G&T

Blue Arrow image

Blue Arrow

Blue Bird #1 image

Blue Bird #1

Blue Bird #2 image

Blue Bird #2

Blue Devil image

Blue Devil

Blue Iced Tea image

Blue Iced Tea

Blueberry Gin Sour image

Blueberry Gin Sour

Bombastic Love image

Bombastic Love

Breakfast Martini image

Breakfast Martini

Brian’s Army & Navy image

Brian’s Army & Navy

Chapter of the Forgotten Monuments image

Chapter of the Forgotten Monuments

Chiharu…The Martini of a Thousand Springs image

Chiharu…The Martini of a Thousand Springs

Chocolate Negroni image

Chocolate Negroni

Citrus G&T image

Citrus G&T

Cran Gin-Ger image

Cran Gin-Ger

Cucumber Basil Gin & Tonic image

Cucumber Basil Gin & Tonic

Cucumber Gin Fizz image

Cucumber Gin Fizz

Cucumber Mint Martini image

Cucumber Mint Martini

Cucumber Melon Sangria image

Cucumber Melon Sangria

Dead Reckoning image

Dead Reckoning

DIY Raspberry Infused Gin image

DIY Raspberry Infused Gin

Don’t Miss a Beet image

Don’t Miss a Beet

Dutch Mojito image

Dutch Mojito

Elderflower Cooler image

Elderflower Cooler

Elderflower French 75 image

Elderflower French 75

Fairytale Rose image

Fairytale Rose

Frozen Ramos Gin Fizz image

Frozen Ramos Gin Fizz

Gin Aloha image

Gin Aloha

Gin & Melon Slush image

Gin & Melon Slush

Glow In The Dark Gin & Tonic image

Glow In The Dark Gin & Tonic

Green Tea Cosmopolitan image

Green Tea Cosmopolitan

Hanky Panky image

Hanky Panky

How To Make Blackberry Gin image

How To Make Blackberry Gin

Hot & Dirty image

Hot & Dirty

Killing Thyme image

Killing Thyme

Klemmentine Smash image

Klemmentine Smash

Letters To Paris image

Letters To Paris

Lychee Grapefruit Martini image

Lychee Grapefruit Martini

Martinez Cocktail image

Martinez Cocktail

Melon Stand Cocktail image

Melon Stand Cocktail

Ms. Grey image

Ms. Grey

No Problemo image

No Problemo

Nomayo image


Northern Lights image

Northern Lights

Paradise Cocktail image

Paradise Cocktail

Pineapple Express image

Pineapple Express

Pink Gin Fizz image

Pink Gin Fizz

Pollyanna image


Poor Man’s Long Island Iced Tea image

Poor Man’s Long Island Iced Tea

Prairie Chicken image

Prairie Chicken

Raspberry Peach Gin Fizz image

Raspberry Peach Gin Fizz

Ramos Gin Fizz image

Ramos Gin Fizz

Raspotini image


Real Bahamas Sky Juice image

Real Bahamas Sky Juice

Rhubarb Infused Gin image

Rhubarb Infused Gin

Saketini image


Singapore Sling image

Singapore Sling

Sipping Spirits image

Sipping Spirits

Sloe Your Roll image

Sloe Your Roll

Snap, Apple & Pop image

Snap, Apple & Pop

Snow White’s Poison Apple image

Snow White’s Poison Apple

Strawberry Mint Gin & Tonic image

Strawberry Mint Gin & Tonic

Spring Time Love image

Spring Time Love

Strawberry Limeade G&T image

Strawberry Limeade G&T

Strawberry Sunset image

Strawberry Sunset

Summer Berry Lemonade image

Summer Berry Lemonade

Sweet Seconds of Life image

Sweet Seconds of Life

The English Garden image

The English Garden

The Feisty Charlotte image

The Feisty Charlotte

The Gardener’s Daughter image

The Gardener’s Daughter

The Gibson image

The Gibson

The Gogo Yubari image

The Gogo Yubari

The Income Tax Cocktail image

The Income Tax Cocktail

The Monkey Gland image

The Monkey Gland

The Summer Essence image

The Summer Essence

The White Lady image

The White Lady

Trip-O-Matic Fairytale image

Trip-O-Matic Fairytale

Vesper Martini image

Vesper Martini

Valentine’s French 75 image

Valentine’s French 75

Vitamin C Brew image

Vitamin C Brew

You Yuzu Call Me On My Cell Phone image

You Yuzu Call Me On My Cell Phone

Wet P*ssy Shot image

Wet P*ssy Shot

Adios Sugar Goblet image

Adios Sugar Goblet

The Adios Motherfucker Shot image

The Adios Motherfucker Shot

Frozen Adios Motherfucker image

Frozen Adios Motherfucker

Adios Snow Cone image

Adios Snow Cone

Adios Jungle Juice image

Adios Jungle Juice

Adios Pink Lemonade image

Adios Pink Lemonade

Jolly Rancher Adios image

Jolly Rancher Adios

Blue Frog Cocktail image

Blue Frog Cocktail

LA Water image

LA Water

America’s Iced Tea image

America’s Iced Tea

AMF Jello Shots image

AMF Jello Shots

Long Island Iced Tea image

Long Island Iced Tea

Long Island Iced Tea Shot image

Long Island Iced Tea Shot

Low Sugar Long Island Iced Tea image

Low Sugar Long Island Iced Tea

Blue Jamaican Long Island image

Blue Jamaican Long Island

Blue Long Island image

Blue Long Island

Energy Long Island Iced Tea image

Energy Long Island Iced Tea

Blue Hawaiian Long Island image

Blue Hawaiian Long Island

Cherry Long Island image

Cherry Long Island

Cotton Candy Long Island image

Cotton Candy Long Island

Cherry Coke Long Island image

Cherry Coke Long Island

When you think of a classy drink, you think gin, right? There's no escaping the regal gin cocktail imagery of the Classic Gin Martini, but as much as we like to get fancy, we're here to party so we've got some sexified gin drink recipes for you! Some of the best gin cocktails are the classics. Think the Negroni, Tom Collins, and the Bees Knees. As great as these are, one of our favorite things to do here at Tipsy Bartender is to create newer, sexier spins on delicious classic cocktails. Check out our recipe for the Flying Bluebird. It's a take on an Aviation but with lavender syrup and yuzu juice instead of the traditional creme de violette and lemon juice. Whether you go with the classic or level up, these two gin cocktails are some of the prettiest drinks ever. Speaking of classics, can we talk about the martini? It's arguably the most iconic gin cocktail thanks to 007. There's nothing sexier than a tight outfit, stilettos, and a long, hard sip of a martini. And we can give it to you any way you like it, baby. You want it dirty? Check out our Dirty Gin Martini recipe. You want it naked? Take a peek at our Naked Martini. Does the thought of Winston Churchill get you going? We've got a Churchill Martini recipe, just the way he liked it. If you're new to gin cocktails or alcohol in general, you can't mess up a delightfully simple Gin & Juice or a bubbly Gin & Tonic. Whether you take them shaken or stirred, gin cocktails will do you some good. Like most boozy beverages, gin finds its origins in medicine. Monks and alchemists used juniper berries as the predominant flavoring of gin because of juniper's medicinal properties. Old timey healthcare workers found their patients suspiciously eager to take their medicine, but who can blame them?
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