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All Whiskey Drinks & Recipes

Are you ready to jazz up your cocktail game and try out some of the best whiskey drinks out there? Let's get to it!

Are you ready to jazz up your cocktail game and try out some of the best whiskey drinks out there? Let's get to it!


Whiskey Sour image

Whiskey Sour

Mint Julep image

Mint Julep

Old Fashioned image

Old Fashioned

Manhattan image


Hot Toddy image

Hot Toddy

Irish Coffee image

Irish Coffee

Whiskey Long Island image

Whiskey Long Island

Flaming 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse Shot image

Flaming 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse Shot

Forbidden Sour image

Forbidden Sour

Ladies of Manhattan image

Ladies of Manhattan

Braveheart image


Angry Badger image

Angry Badger

Elvis Sandwich Shot image

Elvis Sandwich Shot

Irish Lemonade image

Irish Lemonade

Japanese Whiskey Smash image

Japanese Whiskey Smash

Peach Whiskey Iced Tea image

Peach Whiskey Iced Tea

Lynchburg Lemonade image

Lynchburg Lemonade

Whiskey Sour with Marmalade image

Whiskey Sour with Marmalade

The Boulevardier image

The Boulevardier

Cody’s Old Fashioned image

Cody’s Old Fashioned

Angry Balls image

Angry Balls

Pomegranate Whiskey Sour image

Pomegranate Whiskey Sour

The Blinker image

The Blinker

Pickleback Shot image

Pickleback Shot

The Angry Bee image

The Angry Bee

Three Wise Men Shot image

Three Wise Men Shot

Apple Jack Shot image

Apple Jack Shot

Portofino image


The Beast image

The Beast

Pomegranate Old Fashioned image

Pomegranate Old Fashioned

Whiskey Smash image

Whiskey Smash

Smokin’ Hot Ginger image

Smokin’ Hot Ginger

Rye.P.A image


The Forager image

The Forager

The Green Destiny image

The Green Destiny

Wet Your Whistle image

Wet Your Whistle

Irish Car Bomb image

Irish Car Bomb

Anthrax Island Shot image

Anthrax Island Shot

AK-47 Cocktail image

AK-47 Cocktail

Apple Pie a la Mode image

Apple Pie a la Mode

Apple Jolly Rancher image

Apple Jolly Rancher

Apple Jack Jello Shot image

Apple Jack Jello Shot

Apple Jack #2 image

Apple Jack #2

Apple Cider Slush image

Apple Cider Slush

Apple Pie Bomb image

Apple Pie Bomb

Apple Jack Slush image

Apple Jack Slush

Apple Pie on the Rocks image

Apple Pie on the Rocks

Apple Pie Float image

Apple Pie Float

Atomic Apple image

Atomic Apple

Black-Beer-Y Smash image

Black-Beer-Y Smash

Blazin’ Peach image

Blazin’ Peach

Blood & Sand image

Blood & Sand

Blue Bandana Shots image

Blue Bandana Shots

Apple Sauce Shots image

Apple Sauce Shots

Bear Fight image

Bear Fight

Banana No Bread image

Banana No Bread

Apple Pie Jello Shots image

Apple Pie Jello Shots

Apple Pie Shot image

Apple Pie Shot

Breakfast in Hell image

Breakfast in Hell

C*m Shot image

C*m Shot

Breakfast Shot image

Breakfast Shot

BMW #2 image

BMW #2

Boilermaker image


Bonfire On The Beach image

Bonfire On The Beach

Caffe di Rose image

Caffe di Rose

Cashew Outside image

Cashew Outside

Cereal Milk image

Cereal Milk

Caramel Corn Shake image

Caramel Corn Shake

Charity’s Secret Sauce image

Charity’s Secret Sauce

Charlie Brown’s Falling Pumpkin image

Charlie Brown’s Falling Pumpkin

Churro Shot image

Churro Shot

Cinnamon Roll Shooters image

Cinnamon Roll Shooters

Crack Pipe Shot image

Crack Pipe Shot

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shots image

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shots

Clubman Driver image

Clubman Driver

Cinnamon Apple Pie image

Cinnamon Apple Pie

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Milkshake image

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Milkshake

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Pudding Shots image

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Pudding Shots

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Float image

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Float

Devil’s Thanksgiving Jungle Juice image

Devil’s Thanksgiving Jungle Juice

Drunken Donuts image

Drunken Donuts

Dublin Iced Coffee image

Dublin Iced Coffee

Eastern Sour image

Eastern Sour

El Viejo image

El Viejo

Date Night image

Date Night

Dublin Dubliner image

Dublin Dubliner

Dirty Rocky Road Milkshake Shooters image

Dirty Rocky Road Milkshake Shooters

Dirty Dr Pepper image

Dirty Dr Pepper

DIY Jack Daniels BBQ Glaze image

DIY Jack Daniels BBQ Glaze

Dirty Rocky Road Milkshake image

Dirty Rocky Road Milkshake

Fireball Whiskey Float image

Fireball Whiskey Float

Fireball Whiskey Cheesecake Shots image

Fireball Whiskey Cheesecake Shots

Enchanted Rose image

Enchanted Rose

Fiery Eggnog image

Fiery Eggnog

Fireball Apple Cider image

Fireball Apple Cider

Fireball Butterscotch Coffee image

Fireball Butterscotch Coffee

Firish Cream image

Firish Cream

First Things First image

First Things First

Fireball Apple Jello Shots image

Fireball Apple Jello Shots

Fireball Float image

Fireball Float

Fire Away image

Fire Away

Elvis’ Fools Gold Jello Shot image

Elvis’ Fools Gold Jello Shot

French Toast Shots image

French Toast Shots

Green Apple Jolly Rancher Cocktail image

Green Apple Jolly Rancher Cocktail

Green Tea Shot image

Green Tea Shot

Honey Apple image

Honey Apple

Forbidden Fruit image

Forbidden Fruit

Four Horsemen Shot image

Four Horsemen Shot

Grandma’s Apple Pie image

Grandma’s Apple Pie

Hawthorn Park image

Hawthorn Park

Ghostbuster Bomb image

Ghostbuster Bomb

Giant’s Milk image

Giant’s Milk

How to make Red Hots Whiskey image

How to make Red Hots Whiskey

Irish Car Bomb Brownies with Whiskey Whipped Cream image

Irish Car Bomb Brownies with Whiskey Whipped Cream

Hot Lil Honey Shots image

Hot Lil Honey Shots

Irish Breakfast Shot image

Irish Breakfast Shot

Hot Candy Apple image

Hot Candy Apple

Hot Flash image

Hot Flash

How To Make Irish Cream image

How To Make Irish Cream

Honey Dew image

Honey Dew

Irish Coffee Milkshake image

Irish Coffee Milkshake

Irish Coffee Shots image

Irish Coffee Shots

Irish Fish Bowl image

Irish Fish Bowl

Jack Daniel’s Root Canal Float image

Jack Daniel’s Root Canal Float

Irish Cola image

Irish Cola

Jack Daniels Fudge image

Jack Daniels Fudge

Jack & Coke Jello Shots image

Jack & Coke Jello Shots

Irish Coffee Jello Shots image

Irish Coffee Jello Shots

J Mister J image

J Mister J

Jack & Coke Gummies image

Jack & Coke Gummies

Jack & Cherry Coke Slush image

Jack & Cherry Coke Slush

Jack & Coke Cupcakes image

Jack & Coke Cupcakes

Irish Milkshake image

Irish Milkshake

JD & Coke Slush image

JD & Coke Slush

Mary Forester image

Mary Forester

Jameson Margarita image

Jameson Margarita

Liquid Breakfast image

Liquid Breakfast

Lucky Leprechaun image

Lucky Leprechaun

Layered Carrot Cake Shot image

Layered Carrot Cake Shot

Lemon Cough Drop image

Lemon Cough Drop

Melon Whiskey Sour Shots image

Melon Whiskey Sour Shots

Not Your Father’s Root Beer Float image

Not Your Father’s Root Beer Float

Nutty Irish Coffee image

Nutty Irish Coffee

Oatmeal Cookie Shots image

Oatmeal Cookie Shots

Orange and Purple image

Orange and Purple

PB & J Bomb Shot image

PB & J Bomb Shot

PB&J Bomb image

PB&J Bomb

PB & J Old Fashioned image

PB & J Old Fashioned

Peanut Butter & Jello Shots image

Peanut Butter & Jello Shots

Peanut Butter Banana Split Shot image

Peanut Butter Banana Split Shot

Pickle Back Shots In A Pickle image

Pickle Back Shots In A Pickle

Pumpkin Pie Pudding Shots image

Pumpkin Pie Pudding Shots

Real Irish Depth Charge image

Real Irish Depth Charge

Pickleback Jello Shots image

Pickleback Jello Shots

Poison (Veneno) image

Poison (Veneno)

Pickleback Pickles image

Pickleback Pickles

Pickleback Beer Bomb image

Pickleback Beer Bomb

Pickleback Bomb Shot image

Pickleback Bomb Shot

Pickleback Jello Shooter image

Pickleback Jello Shooter

Pickleback Popsicles image

Pickleback Popsicles

Red Hot Jello Shots image

Red Hot Jello Shots

RumChata Honey Badger image

RumChata Honey Badger

Seven Headed Dragon image

Seven Headed Dragon

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club image

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club

Root Beer Float Bomb Shot image

Root Beer Float Bomb Shot

Simple Cinnamon Roll image

Simple Cinnamon Roll

Something for Everyone image

Something for Everyone

Sparkling Fall Sangria image

Sparkling Fall Sangria

Sparkling Apple Pie Cocktail image

Sparkling Apple Pie Cocktail

Spiked Affogato image

Spiked Affogato

Southern Doll image

Southern Doll

Spiked Apple Pie Jello image

Spiked Apple Pie Jello

Strawberry Whiskey Sour image

Strawberry Whiskey Sour

Thai Whiskey Bucket image

Thai Whiskey Bucket

Tennessee Coffee Milkshake image

Tennessee Coffee Milkshake

The Bee Sting image

The Bee Sting

Sweet Southern Heat image

Sweet Southern Heat

Sunset Fire image

Sunset Fire

The Contender image

The Contender

The Derby image

The Derby

The Fiery Entrepreneur image

The Fiery Entrepreneur

The Forbidden image

The Forbidden

The Flaming German image

The Flaming German

The Firebomb image

The Firebomb

The Pumpkintini image

The Pumpkintini

The Queen Anne Cocktail image

The Queen Anne Cocktail

Three Wise Men Go Hunting image

Three Wise Men Go Hunting

Three Wise Men Visit Mexico image

Three Wise Men Visit Mexico

Three Wise Men and a Mexican image

Three Wise Men and a Mexican

Three Wise Men on Acid image

Three Wise Men on Acid

The MK-1 Grenade Bomb Shot image

The MK-1 Grenade Bomb Shot

The Redneck Shot image

The Redneck Shot

Tractor Fuel image

Tractor Fuel

Whiskey Business image

Whiskey Business

Vegas Bomb image

Vegas Bomb

Washington Apple Cocktail image

Washington Apple Cocktail

Washington Apple Shots image

Washington Apple Shots

Wild Turkey Ball Brownies image

Wild Turkey Ball Brownies

You Sexy Dog You image

You Sexy Dog You

Whistle While You Twerk image

Whistle While You Twerk

Zombie Flesh image

Zombie Flesh

Get ready to party like it's prohibition with some wild whiskey cocktails! No matter how you spell it, it's some great stuff. Because this famously transatlantic spirit spends time aging in barrels, it develops a hearty and smooth flavor, similar to Clint Eastwood's handsome and charming flair. Whisky's smokey and oakey flavor make it a fantastic and versatile medium, so you can dress your whisky drinks up for a classy night out at the speakeasy or dress them down for some home drinkin' with the lads. We've put together a list of our sexiest whiskey cocktail recipes just for you.  
Help! I'm a whiskey virgin, and I don't know where to start!
Have no fear, Tipsy Bartender is here! You can't go wrong with the whiskey cocktail classics, my friend. Start out with a solid Whiskey Sour or a Manhattan. They're delicious and pretty easy to make with only three ingredients each. If you're still intimidated when it comes to whiskey drinks, try out an Irish Coffee or a Fireball Apple Cider. These whisky cocktails only have two things in them, but if that's still too complicated, you can still just drink it straight.  
Wait, I thought this was the whiskey cocktail list. Some of these recipes call for Bourbon, Rye, and even specific brands!
Calm down, homeboy! Don't get discouraged. There are a few different types of whisky, and the differences between them are really just what grains they're made of and how they're aged. Manufacturers distill whiskey from a fermented mash of cereal grains, and those grains can be malted or not. However, it does influence taste and texture, but at the end of the day, it's all whiskey, baby. Use what you want in your whiskey cocktails because we don't judge. Stay tipsy!  
Hit me with a whiskey fact!
Like most distilled spirits, the initial use of whiskey was medicinal. During the American Prohibition Era, you could still purchase whisky, but only with the prescription of a doctor. All other whiskey cocktail consumption had to be in secret, and that's okay because it's the crime that makes it taste good. But if you want a bonus fact, National Bourbon Day is June 14th. How cool is that?
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