Usually when you think about booze making somebody more attractive, it's because "the eye of the beholder" is freakin' wasted. But booze can actually help increase your attractiveness in all kinds of ways without drinking it. So if you have some extra alcohol lying around and you want to work on your self image, try the following 11 boozy beauty tips that'll help you look, smell, and even taste better. 
1. Use vodka to de-frizz your hair and make it extra shiny Having trouble with some frizzy, lifeless hair? Try using vodka to tame it and make it shine like your freakin' awesome personality. Steps: -Combine 1 tbsp vodka and 2 cups of water in a container. -Shampoo and condition your hair like normal.  -Pour water-vodka combo in your hair, then let it air dry, and bang, your hair is good to go!  
2.Tame wild eyebrows with beer If you're having a crazy eyebrow day, you can tame your wild caterpillars with a bit of beer. It's sticky enough to keep scraggily hairs in line, plus when people see you stroking your brows with a little brew they're bound to take some interest in WTF is going on with your face. Steps:  -Apply beer to your eyebrows with your fingertips until they don't look so crazy. 
3. Use wine to tone and soften your skin Thanks to the powerful antioxidants in wine — polyphenols — everybody's favorite adult grape juice can help your skin look tighter and more clear than ever before.  Steps:  - Place a hot towel on your face for five minutes to open up your pores.  - Place one cup of plain Greek yogurt, 1 tbsp of honey, and about 5 tbsp of red wine in a bowl, then whisk.  - Apply the mixture to your face using your (clean) fingers.  - Let the ingredients stay on your face for about seven minutes before rinsing with warm water. And then— 
4. Deodorize your stinky feet with vodka Got some smelly little feet that need a cleanin'? Instead of simple soap and water, go full-throttle with a vodka soak and/or vodka wipe-down.  Steps:  - Soak a cloth in vodka then wipe down your feet.  OR - Combine a few tablespoons of vodka with water in a bowl large enough for your dogs, then soak 'em for about 10 minutes.  - Wash them off with warm water. 
5. Make Everclear deodorant for your pits Looking to keep your pits from smelling but don't want to bother with all of the chemicals and junk in regular deodorant? Try Everclear deodorant!  Steps:  - Fill a cheap spray bottle with Everclear.  - Spray the Everclear on your (washed!) armpits  - (Optional) Add 10 drops of tea tree oil per one ounce of Everclear to add a bit of scent to the pit spray 
6. Tighten your skin's pores with vodka Have pores the size of the black holes at the center of the universe's galaxies? Shrink those bad boys with some vodka, people!  Steps:  - Combine equal parts fresh lemon juice, rose hips tea, mint tea, and vodka in a bowl.  - Pour the vodka concoction into an ice cube tray.  - After the cubes are frozen, wrap them in a piece of thin cotton (like a clean handkerchief), then rub it across your face and throat for about five minutes. 
7. Use beer as a conditioner Why use conditioner on your hair when you can use beer? Because you've been drinking it? OK, that makes sense.  Steps:  - De-carbonate your beer by leaving it out over night.  - Wash your hair with shampoo.  - Follow the shampoo wash with the flat beer. Rub it into your scalp with your fingers.  - Rinse the beer from your hair.  - (Optional) Add essential oils, such as lemon oil, almond oil, or chamomile oil to your flat beer for extra nutrients. 
8. Use vodka as a mouthwash Have a maw full of stink? Cure it with a boozy drink! Seriously though, all rhyming aside, vodka mouthwash actually does work, the Mythbusters proved it Steps:  - Combine one cup of vodka with nine tbsp of cinnamon in an airtight container.  - Let the vodka-cinnamon combination sit in the container for two weeks.  - Wash your stank mouth out with the weird mouthwash, which apparently doesn't even sting that much. 
9. Use gin as an aftershave If you want to feel really rugged and manly, yet still smell fresh as a daisy, try making your own gin-based aftershave. Steps: - Combine: 1.3 gallons of gin, 5 tsp aloevera, 5 tsp peppermint oil, 1/2 tsp menthol, 1/2 tsp eucalyptus, and 4 tbsp glycerin in a bowl. - Combine all the ingredients in a big bowl, add your fragrance of choice and mix.  - Put combination in spray bottle and spray on your neck area as desired.
10. Fade your perfume or cologne with vodka Ever put on too much perfume or cologne and feel like you smell worse than you did before? Do not fret! You can take care of that issue with just a little bit of vodka.  Steps:  - Dab a little vodka on the spots of your body where you feel like you overdid it with the perfume or cologne. 
Are you going to try to level up your self-care game with any of these tips? Or would you rather just drink your booze like a normal person with one of the cocktails below? Let us know! See recipe See recipe See recipe

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