Tons of music festivals are coming up over the next couple of months, which means now is the time to brush up on some genuinely useful ways to sneak a little booze past security. So if you're looking to be a little bit of a renegade — and avoid super-high alcohol prices inside the venue — check out the 10 items and methods you can use to bring your own liquor into your venue of choice below. 
First up, let's talk real quick about how to deal with security. It seems like the general consensus among festival-goers in terms of getting through security unscathed is to, firstly, pick the right line — try to scope out security personnel who don't seem to be trying out for America's Next Top Secret Agent. Two: Have all of your things ready to go — open your purse, take off your hat, have your phone/wallet/keys in your hands, etc. etc. Three: BE KIND AND RESPECTFUL to the security people — the kinder you are, the more likely you are to receive kindness in return. And finally, if security does find booze on you, don't put up a fight; it will only make things worse. 
Also, let's say you're going to... Coachella 2018 maybe? Here's a list of things you can and can't bring into the festival, which may be of general use.  Now onto the list!  1. Sunscreen Hidden Flask ($12)  It's OK to bring sunscreen into just about any festival, so you won't have this sunscreen flask pulled based on what it looks like alone. Plus it's not a transparent bottle, and it's also probably difficult to feel out the weight difference between booze and lotion.  2. Sandal Flasks ($45)  Sandal flasks are a pretty unsuspecting way to sneak liquor into a festival. Sandals as flasks is such a ridiculous idea, it's probably not on the radar of any security personnel. (Unfortunately you only get a shot's worth of booze in each sandal.)  3. Use a Bottle Safe ($13)  Although the bottle safe is usually used for hiding valuable items, it can also be used for hiding booze. Keep in mind that many festivals will only allow you to have empty water bottles however, and if your "empty" bottle is filled with booze, it won't feel that way. So don't fill up the top part, and try not to let security actually hold the bottle.  4. Booze-Filled Bra ($30)   There are a few "bras" on the market that can be filled with booze, like the WineRack below. Perfect for ladies (duh), as it's extremely unlikely that security will be able to detect this kind of item in such a sensitive area.  5. Comb Flask ($19)  The comb flask is great because it can hide your booze, and also help you to keep your hair stylish.  6. Booze-Soaked Gummy Bears  While most venues won't let you bring in outside food, vodka-soaked Gummy Bears are probably your best option in this area because they can be tucked away, and even if they're found, they'll just be confiscated as outside food. See recipe.  7. Crotch a Disposable Flask (3 for $13)  Dudes, take one for the team and crotch a disposable flask. We'd put together a diagram of where exactly you should put it, but we think you can figure it out.  8. Camelbak ($50)  Camelbaks are allowed into most festivals and can be filled with booze rather than water. Try not to fill it up too much before passing through security however so it seems like it's actually empty.  9. Camera Flask ($16)  Cameras without detachable lenses are allowed into most festivals, so this old-school digital camera flask is perfect if you don't want to try any of the other flasks that are bulkier or worn directly on the body.  10. Binoculars Flask ($17)  The same principles of the sunscreen hidden flask and comb flask apply to the binoculars flask. Binoculars are allowed into most festivals, and they're not transparent.  Are you down with any of these booze-hiding items? Would you try to sneak in either of the cocktails below into a music festival? Let us know, people! See recipe See recipe

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