Getting tipsy on any given holiday is pretty standard (if you're of legal drinking age!), but for St. Patrick's Day getting tipsy is the holiday — at least it is for a lot of people. So for this year's St. Patrick's Day, we're not only commemorating the foremost patron saint of Ireland who converted pagans into Christians, we're also praising the ten unique types of tipsy fun you can only get yourself into with this most beloved of alcohol-infused celebrations. 
1. Drinking Irish Coffees All Damn Day  Usually drinking coffee laced with Irish Whiskey throughout the day would be a little sketch, but on St. Paddy's Day saying a good ol' top o' the mornin' and a goodnight while tipsy is so acceptable it's almost as necessary as wearing green. (And if you need to know how to make this traditional drink, click here.) 
2. Eating a Huge Bowl of Lucky Charms While Tipsy  As an adult, it may have been a long-ass time since you last had a sugary cereal like Lucky Charms, but on dia de St. Patrick, you can throw the whole damn bowl in your face while you're nicely toasted and call that a "celebration."
3. Drunkenly Dancing a Badass (Or Just Bad) Irish Jig  Bust out with a drunken Irish Jig on any other holiday and people will look at you like you smoked some bad ganja. But on St. Paddy's Day, it's a beautiful thing to dance like your legs are disconnected and made of Twizzlers.
4. Challenging Somebody to Playful Fisticuffs People, we are NOT advocating you fight somebody — we just know that on St. Paddy's it's fun to get tipsy and imitate the gestures and fancy footwork of a little angry leprechaun. 
5. Drinking Green Beer  There's just no other time of year that you'll be drinking green beer. It's that simple. Click here if you want to know how to make it!  
6. Asking Random People To Kiss You 'Cause You're Irish  Yeah, you could ask random people to kiss you during other times of the year, but only on St. Paddy's do you actually have a shot at getting kissed 'cause everybody's tipsy. (Pro tip: You can lie about being Irish....) 
7. Eating a Sh*tload of Corned Beef, Cabbage, and Beer  Corned beef and cabbage is a traditional Irish meal, and on this beautiful holiday you can wash it down with some beer and let people deal with the damn gaseous consequences! 
8. Watching Any Liam Neeson Movie (While Tipsy)  Watch any Liam Neeson movie you'd like while sipping on your green cocktails, and we'll call that a proper St. Paddy's Day celebration as the iconic actor is hardcore Irish. 
9. Drunkenly talking in an Irish Accent  It may be a little risky to drunkenly drop your super-amateur Irish accent on people during most of the year, but do it on St. Paddy's Day and maybe like one out of 100 people will think it's cute.  
10. Eating as much F**cking Potatoes as You Want  Finally, on this beautiful holiday you can say nuts to the keto diet. Eating potatoes is Irish AF and right now it's time to celebrate the Emerald Isle and eat some carbs.  
What are your favorite tipsy things to do that can only be done on St. Paddy's Day? Let us know in the comments! 

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