Buckle up people, 'cause it's another post about millennials (and you have to buckle up 'cause you know how millennials love their safety). Below are 13 infographics outlining the way millennials — folks born between 1981 and 1996 — consume their booze, as well as how their drinking habits contrast with those of other generations. 
1. Millennials spend less on booze than baby boomers, but are more willing to try new, exciting alcohol products. 2. Millennials really want to discover new liquor brands they can share with their friends.  3. Seriously, millennials are way more exploratory with their booze consumption relative to baby boomers.  4.Millennials are also shifting popular drinking trends toward liquor and wine over beer.  5. But when millennials do drink beer, they really like craft beer. 6. And also "ice" beer, which is beer that has a higher-than-normal ABV.  7. In terms of liquor, millennials are digging on vodka.  8. Although millennials also enjoy whiskey, and are helping to make it more popular.  9. When millennials drink wine, they spend, on average, about $11-15 on a bottle. 10. Millennials, especially male millennials, also really like rosé.  11. Millennial "fine wine" connoisseurs spend less than baby boomers on wine (yes, this is still a shitload of money).  12. But "fine wine" millennials are more adventurous when it comes to wine types they'll try.  13. Finally, slightly more than half of millennials choose weed over booze.  What are your thoughts on these millennial booze trends? Which one of the below cocktails do you think millennials would trade their avocado toast in for? Let us know! https://www.youtube.com/embed/im9gvWHjXzM See recipe https://www.youtube.com/embed/48DI0uqosys See recipe

Images: Nielson Consumer & Media Insights 

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