13 Super-Boozy Spring Break Drinks!

Written by Rebecca Whitney

March 15, 2021

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Looking for drink recipes that get you feeling quite buzzed, terrifically tipsy or downright drunk after just one? Look no further. We’ve got a bevy of boozy cocktails and strong drinks for you to pour next time you’re celebrating something special, throwing a party, or just wanting to get schnockered on a Wednesday — we won’t judge. Here are 13 strong drinks to get your party started.

Let’s kick the cocktail section off with a couple of frozen favorites. Loretta isn’t messing around. Her punch stars kinky pink, everclear and white rum, among other tasty ingredients. And because it’s icy, it’s perfect for those dog days of summer but we drink it year around. View Recipe

This blue devil includes a few tropical-inspired spirits, lemon lime soda for fizz and some fruit for garnish if you’ve got ‘em on hand. View Recipe

The Long Island Iced Tea is a classic for a reason. Every bartender knows how to make it, it goes down smooth, and it’s the quickest way to get a party started. View Recipe

Here’s a boozy beverage that looks sophisticated and interesting, yet only requires 4 ingredients. View Recipe

Here’s another cocktail that packs a punch in terms of booziness and style — but only will cost you 3 ingredients you probably already have on your bar cart. Plus, you don’t even need a shaker. You have no excuse not to try this one! View Recipe

Don’t let the grenadine lurking at the bottom of this glass fool you. This drink is not for the lightweight, with its perfect portions of vodka, triple sec, melon liqueur, peach schnapps, everclear and dragonberry rum. Yes, please. View Recipe

With a name like trash can punch, need we say more? You’re gonna wanna make this one at your next party. View Recipe

Garnished by delicious strawberry slices and graced with the tart sweetness of lemonade, this boozy delight is totally drinkable. View Recipe

You won’t remember your evening if this cocktail has a say. This Cinco de Mayo-ready drink contains both tequila and her spicy cousin, mezcal. View Recipe

You’ll be dropping F bombs after just one sip of the H Bomb. It contains multiple types of booze and is sure to knock you on your butt — ya know, in a fun way. View Recipe

Hennessy, meet Four Loko. This sweet (and definitely loco) cocktail packs a punch. View Recipe

Sour, sweet, fruit and neon green — this bright cocktail came to us in a fever dream. It’s super strong and ready to turn your next party into a rager. View Recipe

We’re rounding out our butt-kicking drink list with a more sophisticated-looking cocktail. Grab your martini glass, those cocktail onions and get drunk with us. View Recipe