When it's wine-drinking time — a.k.a. wine o' clock, a.k.a. adult juice hour, a.k.a. sippy sippy fun day — knowing how to drink your wine is almost as important as the wine itself. OK, it's a super-distant second, but still, having your wine knowledge on point is critical. So to help you become an amateur connoisseur in about five minutes flat, here are 16 essential wine tips that'll make you look like you know what you're talking about, and hopefully help you enjoy vino on a whole new level.
1. First up, here's a breakdown of how to taste your wine like a pro (and look bougie AF).  2. Here are all the different types of wine glasses, and which wines they're made for. (If you're on mobile, pinch and zoom for the text!)  3. A look at the ideal temperatures to store and serve your wine.  4. And here's how long different types of wine will last after they've been opened.  5. A closer look at how you should store your wine, which is important for preserving taste.  6. And how oxidized your wines should be.  7. A graph of the general flavors you'll get from various wine varietals. 8. You also definitely have to know which wines pair best with which types of pizza.  9. And which wines pair best with different types of seafood.  10. And which wines pair best with different types of cheese.  11. And which wines pair best with different types of nuts.  12. And, most crucially, which wines pair best with different types of girl scout cookies.  13. This is how many wine bottles you'll need if you're having a party. 14. And some of the subtler differences between red and white wine.  15. The full range of wine bottle types, along with their names (both secular and biblical...).  16. And finally, you'll also probably want to know at least a little bit of wine chemistry. Do you feel like a wine connoisseur after checking out these wine tips? Could you give us a full flavor breakdown of the wine cocktails below now? Let us know, you burgeoning vino aficionados!  https://www.youtube.com/embed/YtDrMZuplFI See recipe https://www.youtube.com/embed/29d195EGsxA See recipe

Images: Wine Folly via Stefan Leijon 

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