17 Easy Cocktails to Memorize ASAP

Written by Erin Alkire

March 23, 2021

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as memorizing the portions of a drink and whipping it up in a matter of minutes. It’s a milestone any home bartender can reach, and we’re here to help you out on your journey to discovering easy cocktails. Here are 17 simple drinks with just 2, 3 and 4 ingredients that you can memorize to impress your friends.

All you need to make this essential drink is your favorite whiskey, bitters, a sugar cube and an orange twist or cherry if you’ve got one. It’s time for the old fashioned to be the newest cocktail you add to your alcoholic arsenal. View Recipe

The Negroni is a classic Italian cocktail — so you know it’s super chic. Even better, you don’t need a cocktail shaker or any special supplies for this one. Grab your fanciest rocks glass and memorize this gin, campari and sweet vermouth masterpiece. View Recipe

You’ve probably had a whiskey sour when out with friends at a bar, but have you ever made one yourself? Now’s the time to try, perfect and memorize this go-to. View Recipe

Named after one of New York City’s 5 boroughs and featured in one of the most famous, classic cocktail literature pieces, David A. Embury’s The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks (1948), the 3-ingredient Manhattan is a drink you need in your repertoire. View Recipe

Although a martini isn’t for everyone, writer H. L. Mencken called the martini “the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet.” We think everyone should know how to make this classy beverage. View Recipe

With just 3 ingredients and no cocktail shaker required, the classic, creamy and vodka-forward White Russian is a must-try and must-memorize drink. View Recipe

Perfect for laid-back, sunny days on patios, the aperol spritz is equal parts simple and refreshing. This drink recently became popular outside of Italy in 2018, and it was said to be the world’s 9th best-selling cocktail of 2019. Try this classy Italian cocktail for yourself! View Recipe

With just 2 ingredients and a garnish, this British cocktail is fizzy, fresh and fun. View Recipe

Meet the mojito’s Brazilian cousin, the caipirinha. Starring just cachaça (a popular spirit in Brazil made from sugarcane), limes, sugar and ice, this cocktail is refreshing, herbal, sweet and one that’ll definitely impress your friends or date.  View Recipe

Whether you’re throwing a Kentucky Derby-themed party or just looking for a cocktail that’s refreshing, the Mint Julep is here for you. And with just 4 ingredients, we know you can memorize this one. View Recipe

With taco Tuesday rolling around every week, you’ll have plenty of time to perfect this tequila-forward essential beverage. Just remember to salt your rim before you start pouring and you’re already halfway there. View Recipe

Ideal for wine lovers, this party-ready sangria looks complex but is quite simple to throw together. View Recipe

For lovers of beer and margaritas, have we got a cocktail for you. View Recipe

Is there a cocktail more perfectly balanced than the citrusy yet sweet Bee’s Knees? Try making it yourself to see what the buzz is all about. View Recipe

The greyhound is sophisticated and simple, a must-know for anyone building their bar knowledge. It’s been around for quite awhile, too – the earliest known mention of the greyhound drink was in Harry Craddock’s Savoy Cocktail Book, published in 1930. View Recipe

This simple cocktail with a funny name can star gin, or vodka and is the salty sister of the greyhound. This drink dates back to the 1920s for a reason — it’s delicious. View Recipe

If you love Jägermeister, you’re going to love this simple cocktail with a very cool name. View Recipe