Archaeologists found some 2,200-year-old booze in China, and now we know the Qin Dynasty was definitely down with getting a little tipsy from time to time. Tipsy on some stuff that looks kind of like weird, shitty lemonade, which we think we'd drink if it were fresh? Sci News picked up on the crazy-old booze, which was recently uncovered by archaeologists looking around in Qin Dynasty tombs in China’s Shaanxi province. They were surprised when they popped an unearthed bronze kettle and found about 10 ounces of milky-white/lemony green liquid, which turned out to be alcoholic.  The 2,200-year-old booze — which could be quite valuable when you consider how psyched rich people get for 50 year-old whiskey — is very similar to China's modern yellow rice wine, or Huangjiu, which means it probably had an ABV of less than 20%.
Also, for reference, the booze was found in the same set of tombs as that 8,000-strong terra cotta army you've probably heard about. And it was right next to a sword that archaeologists say looks like it was heavily used.
So what was happening here? Was the owner of this sword about to offer up this wine to the dead as VinePair notes, or was this just some tipsy juice left over from a crazy 2,200-year-old Chinese warrior party that was stored in a kettle with the tightest seal ever? 
Do you think these ancient Chinese warriors were getting nice and tipsy before and/or after battle? Would they have enjoyed modern-day white wine drinks like the ones below? What do you think, people?! See recipe See recipe

Featured image: YouTube / CCTV+

Image of alcohol: Li Yibo, Xinhua.

Gifs: Giphy

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