23 Sassy Pink Drinks For Your Hot Girl Summer

Written by Lauren Ballard

May 3, 2021

This one is for all our queens out there! What better to celebrate Hot Girl Summer than with a little feral femininity? Pink drinks are the name of the game this season because we’re here, we’re hot, and we love a great cocktail. So buckle up, baddies. We’re spending Hot Girl Summer sipping on vodka lemonades and more!

This gorgeous lemonade take on the AMF cocktail is perfect for our boozy baddies. This powerful pink drink has vodka, rum, tequila, and gin, so you can check that foursome off your bucket list. View Recipe

Relaxing poolside this Hot Girl Summer? Show off your sweet bod while pouring yourself an equally delicious glass of this sexy strawberry lemonade vodka and moscato punch. View Recipe

Do strawberry soda floats give you warm feelings of nostalgia? Kick those up a notch with the light cocktail version, adding strawberry liqueur and your favorite pink moscato. View Recipe


Take a break from doing Hot Girl sh*t with this tasty snow cone treat. This badass pink frozen cocktail of rosé and strawberries is perfect for cooling off that poppin’ P. View Recipe


Flaunt your bikini body with this sexy bikini sangria. Where does the bikini come into play? That’s up to you, but this fruit-fortified vodka moscato sangria recipe is bussin’. View Recipe

This pretty pink shot is perfect whether you’re a self-proclaimed princess or a whole ass queen. We’re all real ass bitches, so get lit with this watermelon vodka shooter. View Recipe

If you a big ol’ freak, you’ll love this pink cocktail treat. It’s a must that you hit this spiked strawberry milkshake filled with strawberry vodka and white chocolate liqueur. View Recipe


Frozen drinks are in this Hot Girl Summer, and this candy margarita recipe isn’t one to sleep on. Switch up your margarita experience and add a little DIY tequila fun. View Recipe

Craving a little gin action? This berry lemonade cocktail is sure to satisfy your big pink drink needs with muddled blackberries for some real fruit freakiness. View Recipe

Take your rosé to-go with these hot girl gummy bears. Between the rosé and sweet strawberry vodka, you’ll have some of the tastiest and badass travel-size pink drink jello shots this summer. View Recipe

This summertime spin on a Long Island Iced Tea is guaranteed to have you feelin’ yourself this Hot Girl Summer. If you’re looking for a tasty pink drink that packs a powerful punch, you found it. View Recipe

Cool off with this super strong, pink frozen treat. In addition to Kinky Pink, this delicious fruit punch blends white rum and Everclear for an Instagram worthy #hotgirlsummer drink. View Recipe

This creamy pink drink is perfect for our lightweight babes. It’s a sweet RumChata cocktail with a low alcohol content and added flavors of strawberry liqueur and watermelon pucker. View Recipe

If you like White Russians, you’ll love this strawberry pink version. Tequila Rose has entered the chat, and she ain’t messin’ around when it comes to fun and flavor. View Recipe

Spending your Hot Girl Summer with friends? Whip up a batch of this sexy vodka lemonade sangria recipe and have a giggle. One of our prettiest pink drinks, it’s customizable to suit your taste. View Recipe

Have a Hot Barbie Summer with Kinky and Malibu. These adorably sweet pink shooters are perfect for baddies who can’t live without their tropical drinks. View Recipe

If vodka lemonade is your jam, check out this frozen Kool Aid remix. It takes a little extra love with making and freezing the Kool Aid, but giiiiiirl, it’s worth it. View Recipe


We could all use a little grace and love this Hot Girl Summer, especially in handling that messy friend that just popped into your head. Drink up with this deliciously pink pineapple juice and white rum cocktail. View Recipe

It’s exactly how it sounds. But not only does this awesome flavored vodka lemonade cocktail hit hard in the nostalgia department, it’s also portable for the hot girl on the go! View Recipe

This awesome strawberry spin on the classic Salty Dog is a vodka favorite. But if you’re on the pill, you may want to watch how much grapefruit juice you have unless you’re ready for Hot Mom Summer. View Recipe

If you’re a baddie with a WAP and big on shots, you’re gonna love this loaded shot-sized pink cocktail. It’s pretty similar to a Long Beach Iced Tea with cranberry juice, vodka, gin, and coconut rum. View Recipe

This one goes out to our soft girls out there. Everyone deserves a Hot Girl Summer, so you can UwU as you sip on strawberry milk spiked with vodka and strawberries & cream Irish cream. View Recipe

Unleash your inner hot girl with this delicious coconut rum and amaretto martini recipe. Raspberry lemonade rounds this bad boy out for a sweet and sexy cocktail with a hint of sour. View Recipe