This Valentine's Day will be definitely be a bit different than most, but we invite you to try these fun boozy date ideas for you and your sweetheart! Every person has their own way of showing affection; for some, your words show your true feelings, while for others, it's all about physical touch... and we've got plenty of sexy cocktails to get you in the mood! Whether you're quarantining at home together or planning a Zoom date, we'll help you find the best way to celebrate love, no matter your love language.

DIY Quarantine Date Ideas Valentine's Day Date Ideas 5. DIY Boozy Bouquet

Roses are red, violets are blue, your lover will love this, and you will too! This simple gift idea is way more creative than a dozen roses, and it won't wilt on you either. First, grab some skewers, red cellophane, floral tape, fake leaves, and a few tiny bottles of your boo's favorite liquor. Tape the skewers to the booze bottles, wrap them in red cellophane, and tape it all together with the floral tape, adding leaves as you go. Once you've made enough of them, plop 'em all in a vase, and voila - you've got yourself a beautiful boozy bouquet!  

4. Truth or Drink

Imagine the perfect at-home date: the lights are dimmed, rose petals are sprinkled across the bed, and a soothing playlist plays in the background. You craft two incredible cocktails in the kitchen, hand one to your paramour, and stare longingly into their eyes as you both share secrets, stories, and laughs over drinks and candlelight. All you need for this ridiculously romantic date idea is a couple of Valentine's Day cocktail recipes, and a game of Truth or Drink - which is just like Truth or Dare, but with drinking!  

3. Become cocktail-making masters together with Cocktails 101!

Of course, in order to create the perfect Valentine's Day drink, you'll have to learn how to make cocktails first. Luckily, our world-class virtual bartending course Cocktails 101 will teach you exactly how to do that - for a limited time, you can use code MIX15 to get $15 off! You and your boo can take the course in person together or over Zoom, competing to see who's the best at mixing drinks. You can even invent your own cocktail and name it after your sweetheart!  

2. Sip-and-Paint Night

This boozy date idea is cheap, easy, and fun as hell - just make sure you set down some newspaper first, becuase it's bound to get messy. All you need is a couple of canvases, paintbrushes, paint, and a painting tutorial (and of course, your favorite cocktail). Paint along with Bob Ross and his happy little trees, or paint a portrait of your partner for extra brownie points!  

Valentine's Day Date Idea 1. Movies & Mixed Drinks

Finally, this sweet little number is the perfect mix of cheesy and charming. Pick one of your partner's favorite movies, and mix up a couple of delicious drinks that pair well with it! For the classic romantic, we recommend Casablanca, pairing excellently with the French .75 cocktail. Crime comedy fans would love watching The Big Lebowski with a White Russian in hand. And for a James Bond flick, any martini "shaken, not stirred" is sure to impress!
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