For football fans having a big Super Bowl bash this weekend, cheap, plentiful booze is absolutely essential — which means it's time to get the Jungle Juices flowing! So in the spirit of celebrating the big game, getting nice and tipsy, and also making sure your freeloading friends' thirst doesn't bust your bank account, here are five delicious, very affordable, Jungle Juices for Super Bowl Sunday. 1. Epic Green Jungle Juice First up we have an absolute beast of a Super Bowl drink: It's the Epic Green Jungle Juice, and it's 19 gallons — that's 72 liters — of booze, fruit, and juice. Yes, this green monster may cost $400 to make, but split that up among enough people and it's extremely affordable. See recipe. 2. Super Bowl Jungle Juice Next up we have the super appropriately named Super Bowl Jungle Juice. This big tub of delicious tipsiness isn't quite as enormous as the Epic Green, but it's something sweet you can sip on all day — or you can add some Everclear and go for a Hail Mary buzz. See recipe. 3. Sweet Revenge Strawberry Jungle Juice This Sweet Revenge Strawberry Jungle Juice may have a pretty pink hue, but it still hits like a linebacker thanks to all of that Sweet Revenge 77-proof whiskey. See recipe. 4. Epic Margarita Jungle Juice Here's another truly, and literally, epic jungle juice. It's the Epic Margarita Jungle Juice, and it's perfect for NFL fans who want to make their football gathering a bit of a fiesta. And again, don't stress about the $350 price tag: just huddle together and divvy up that cost! See recipe. 5. Destorm's Jungle Juice Here's our final tub of awesome sippin' sauce. It's called Destorm's Jungle Juice, and contains a little stadium's worth of ingredients, including 28 bottles of liquor, 22 bottles of mixers, and a whopping 9 pounds of chopped fruit. See recipe. What do you think about these Super Bowl Jungle Juices? Is your Super Bowl party prepared to tackle these monster tubs of fruity booze? Let us know in the comments!
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