5 Fun Taco Tuesday Margaritas

Written by Matthew H.

January 30, 2018

Even though margaritas are one of the world’s most popular drinks, the origins of the favored fiesta-time drink are crazy mysterious. Some think it originated in the U.S. in the ’40s as a variation on the Daisy cocktail, as margarita’s Spanish for “daisy.” Others think it was invented in Mexico by a bartender for Margarita Henkel, a German ambassador’s daughter. All we know for sure is that we love this cocktail, and these five gorgeous takes on it.

Have this Blackberry Mango Margarita with your plate of Mexican food and you’re in for a blast of flavor that will add just enough fruitiness to your meal to make things interesting (and by interesting, we mean tipsy). View Recipe

This Baby Blue Margarita looks like a glass full of clear, sunny skies, so even if it’s raining out while you’re at your favorite taqueria this Tuesday, you’ll be feeling like you’re lounging out in Cabo San Lucas. View Recipe

Bust out with this Bulldog Fishbowl Margarita if you want to accompany your happy hour tacos with a massive drink that has tons of beautiful colors plus plenty of tequila bite. View Recipe

An infusion of apple flavors makes this Apple Cider Margarita the perfect drink for those looking to sip on an even crisper version of that most beloved of burrito-time booze companions. View Recipe

The Passionfruit Mango Margarita is so dang pretty, there’s not much we can say about it other than try this sweet slushy with your enchiladas and watch as thoughts of magical deliciousness blossom in your brain. View Recipe