SpaceX is finally testing its Falcon Heavy rocket for the first time, and if it works, it will be "the most powerful operational rocket in the world by a factor of two." To celebrate this giant beast of an interplanetary vehicle — if the mission is successful Elon Musk's red Tesla will be put into Mars orbit — we thought it'd be good to have plenty of space-related cocktails on hand. To that end, here are five of our favorite drinks that will have you counting down to T minus tipsy. The live SpaceX feed to watch while you're sippin'.  1. Meister on Mars  Musk and SpaceX want to get humanity to Mars ASAP, and we can't think of a better shooter to honor that goal than the Meister on Mars. We don't know what victuals the first Martian colony will be stocked with, but Jägermeister should be one of them, right? See recipe. 2. Alien Sex  It's impossible to say whether or not there's really any alien life out there in our solar system or the Cosmos, but if there is, we know two things: those extraterrestrial creatures are definitely getting it on in some form, and they'd probably love this tasty, slushed-up Alien Sex cocktail. See recipe. 3. Peach Moon  To celebrate the one astronomical body humans have set foot on aside from Earth, we have this (somewhat ironically) bright-as-the-Sun Peach Moon cocktail. The fruity flavors are dense as a neutron star with this drink, but it's still light enough to get you into tipsy orbit. See recipe. 4. Alien Shooters  OK, so we really hope there are aliens out there, which is why we had to include these Alien Shooters. Plus Musk and SpaceX have said that their larger rockets can make it to Europa, which has oceans — meaning possible alien life, and subsurface seaside parties that'll need tasty shooters. See recipe. 5. Galaxy People setting foot on Mars would doubtlessly be one of humanity's greatest achievements, but how about exploring all of our neighboring star systems? That would be downright mind-blowing, just like this Galaxy cocktail, which is as swirly as our own Milky Way. See recipe. What do you think about these space-based cocktails? Which one would you drink to celebrate a successful manned mission to Mars — or maybe just a Friday night looking up at the stars from a rooftop bar? Let us know your thoughts!
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