The Adios Motherfucker, a.k.a the the AMF, a.k.a. a bunch of other nicknames, is a polarizing drink — it seems you either love it for its cheap price and potency or hate it for... its cheap price and potency. Regardless, it's a legendary drink. Urban Dictionary says that it's called the Adios Motherfucker because that's supposedly what a bartender could say to patrons when they order one. So if you love it, here are a bunch of new ways to love it. And if you hate it, here are a bunch of new ways to give it a second chance. It may surprise you....
1. The Frozen Adios First up, we have The Frozen Adios. This slushy cup of deliciousness is the perfect AMF for a super-hot day or a really cold night if you're some kind of freak who loves hypothermia. SEE THE RECIPE.  2. The Adios Motherfucker Shot The Adios Motherfucker Shot! It's impossible to say what the best 21st birthday shot of all time is, but... wait no it isn't, this is the best one. Newbie drinkers still beware though: these bad boys are small, but strong — like little blue Godzillas. SEE THE RECIPE.  3. The Adios Pink Lemonade If you want to down an Adios but just can't handle the electric-blue color, try this Adios Pink Lemonade. This Adios cocktail variation also switches out lemon-lime soda for pink lemonade, so its flavored differently, but just as sweet. SEE THE RECIPE.  4. The Adios Snow Cones Let loose your totally insane inner child who loves to drink (your inner child is 21+) with these Adios Snow Cones. They're perfect for daytime parties, which you should invite us to if you don't want to be rude. SEE THE RECIPE.  5. Adios Motherfucker Jello Shots Slurp up the Adios cocktail recipe goodness with these AMF Jello shots! We haven't done the research, but we're pretty sure these are contenders for strongest dessert shooters out there. SEE THE RECIPE.  6. The Adios Sugar Goblet Yeah, we're getting ridiculous now: This monster bowl of a blue cocktail is the Adios Sugar Goblet, and yes, it's topped off with Everclear and garnished with a big ol' lollipop. There's dry ice in here too because why not? SEE THE RECIPE.  7. The Classic Adios Motherfucker Finally, we need to give you the recipe for the Classic Adios Motherfucker. We love the rest of the drinks on this list, but we have to pay respect to the G.O.A.T. SEE THE RECIPE.  Have any thoughts on these various Adios Motherfucker cocktail recipes? Give us your AMF-in' thoughts in the comments below!

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