7 Deadly Absinthe Shots for National Absinthe Day!

Written by Rebecca Whitney

March 4, 2021

National Absinthe Day is all about celebrating the delicious green liquor and raising a glass to its fascinating history. Over the years, absinthe cocktails have become a favorite of artists and writers, even gaining a reputation for inducing hallucinations. Though some of the legends may be more fiction than fact, these wildly tasty absinthe shots are proof of absinthe’s potent power.

If you’ve never tried absinthe before, this fiery shot is the perfect introduction. Pour an ounce of red bull into a shot glass, add an ounce of vodka, and top with a layer of absinthe before setting it on fire! View Recipe

You just need two ingredients for these simple absinthe shots – two parts raspberry liqueur with one part absinthe layered on top. For a real “dragon’s breath” experience, you can set this one on fire too, but it’ll warm you up on the way down either way. View Recipe

With melon liqueur, pineapple juice, and lemon-lime soda, this fruity shooter mixes excellently with absinthe’s herbal notes. View Recipe

And now for a bomb shot to really kick it up a notch! Balance a shot of absinthe and a shot of whiskey over a glass of lager, and boom – you’ve got yourself a tasty explosion of flavor. View Recipe

Speaking of explosions, you can create your own little explosion at home with this visually stunning shooter! Shake up tequila and Sambuca and pour into a shot glass, drop in blue Curaçao and Irish cream, and then layer absinthe on top for gorgeous green clouds! View Recipe

It doesn’t get much more extreme than a roundhouse kick from Chuck Norris himself! Pour Sambuca into a shot glass, layer Jägermeister over it, put a bit of absinthe on top, and drop in a bit of hot sauce to really turn up the heat! View Recipe

Last but not least, we have the deliciously deadly Death Drop. To make these death-defying absinthe shots, mix equal parts vodka, tequila, absinthe, and 151 proof rum with ice, then strain into a shot glass. Make sure you drink responsibly though, these seriously live up to their name. View Recipe