8 Golden Globes Cocktails to Sip While You Watch!

Written by Rebecca Whitney

February 25, 2021

Whether you’re cozy under the covers or dressed to the nines to watch the awards, we’ve got a glorious list of classy Golden Globes cocktails to match the award-nominated shows! You’ll find royally good cocktails for The Crown and The Queen’s Gambit, and even a Baby Yoda drink!

You don’t have to be rich to enjoy this smooth bourbon cocktail – in fact, you can be just as down on your luck as the characters of Schitt’s Creek! Whip up one of these lovely Golden Globe cocktails with bourbon, absinthe, grenadine, Grand Marnier, and an egg white. View Recipe

The Golden Globes this year are crawling with monsters, especially in the critically acclaimed Lovecraft Country. This bomb shot drink combines Monster with sweet Southern hospitality for a boozy liquid apple pie! View Recipe

Better Call Saul is the prequel to Breaking Bad, and this year, the lead is nominated for Best Actor in a TV Drama! Mix up this crazy blue concoction with triple sec, Blue Curaçao, lime juice, and tequila. View Recipe

Treat yourself to a romantic evening cocktail while you binge-watch Emily in Paris and imagine yourself roaming the cobblestone streets. View Recipe

If you’re catching up on The Great (as in Catherine the Great of Russia), you’ll need a sweet Russia-themed drink to go with it, like this tasty twist on a White Russian! View Recipe

Picture yourself out in Missouri while watching Ozark, and you’ll probably have an iced tea in hand. Make it a sugar-spiked peach tea with this peach-ring packed cocktail! View Recipe

Next, we have the ruler of Golden Globes cocktails, the Queen herself! Perfect for sipping while watching the Crown or The Queen’s Gambit, this mix of rye whiskey, vermouth, and pineapple juice will have you feeling royal. View Recipe

Last, but certainly not least, is the adorably delicious Baby Yoda, easily one of the cutest Golden Globe cocktails. With grapes, lime slices, and a little creativity, you can turn this rum drink into the pint-sized star of The Mandalorian. View Recipe