It's Friday, which means this horrible week from Hell is finally over and we can all celebrate the weekend. To get your celebration on in sexy — and extremely affordable — style, here are nine cheap and easy champagne cocktails you can make with your friends to help usher in your 48 hours of divine, hard-earned freedom. 
1. Lava Lamp  Are you crazy for craisins? No, of course, not, nobody is. But these Lava Lamp champagne cocktails still utilize the little dried cranberries to make a champagne drink that not only tastes awesome, but also puts on a really cool show. See recipe 2. Cotton Candy Pink Champagne  The weekend often inspires childlike wonder in folks beaten down by the work week, and what better way to bring out your inner child — who's in the body of a 21-and-over person! — than with Cotton Candy Pink Champagne cocktails? See recipe 3. Champagne Pink Lemonade  Champagne Pink Lemonade is the perfect mix of sweet and bubbly, and it's also got some raspberry vodka thrown in there too so you know you'll be ready for good Friday fun times after a couple of these bad boys. See recipe. 4. J'Adore For people who're feeling extra delighted and need to show it, go with the French culture-inspired J'Adore. Bonus points if you can do some other French activities like eating baguettes or hanging out with Gerard Depardieu. See recipe 5. French 76 Celebrate the fact that you're not 76 and you can still party on a Friday night with the Valentine's French 76. Or you know what? Celebrate the fact that you are 76 and can still party on a Friday night. Either one. See recipe 6. Buck's Fizz  Buck's Fizz: Champagne, orange juice, orange twist. It's simple, it's delicious, and it's the kind of drink that doesn't Buck around. See recipe 7. Valentine's French 75  Don't let the name fool you: The Valentine's French 75 can be enjoyed on any given day of the year. Besides, you're really just in love with Fridays aren't you? See recipe 8. Kir Royale  The Kir Royale is another super simple drink that only requires champagne and Creme de Cassis. Despite its simplicity it still looks damn fine though, doesn't it? See recipe 9. A Goodnight Kiss  What better way to night cap your Friday than with a goodnight kiss? With this Goodnight Kiss cocktail, of course. (Just kidding, having both would be the best thing.) See recipe
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