Drinking definitely brings out different sides of different people, but it seems like no matter who you hang with while you're drinking, the same types of drunken characters show up again and again. Like these nine folks, who your friends — and you, don't lie — always seem to turn into at the bar.  
1. That friend who can't help but look like a f—cking predator while they're trying to engage strangers — eye contact should go two ways, Derek! 
2. That friend who just needs to let loose and dance! They're so excited about dancing, it's like they have a disease. Or maybe dancing will cure their disease. Either way, they're diseased.  3. The "Shots" friend. You know, the friend who sounds like this— Or this—  Or, on special occasions that really call for getting effed up en la cabeza, like this—  4. Or how about the "hilarious motor function breakdown" friend. Alcohol just seems to turn their face into some combo of a jigsaw puzzle and a glitchy loading screen. 
5. Then there's the friend who just looooooooves you. Did you know you're special? So special. And you'll do great things with your life right after you graduate from Subway.  6. Conversely, you have the friend who just wants to "play" fight after they've gotten a few in 'em. They sound like this: "Let's wrestle, BRO! Also, my dad didn't love me." 7. You also have the friend who drinks to the point that they basically look dead. "Is Erica OK? I haven't seen her move in six hours and there are some flies on her face." 
8. The wild card friend who you try really hard to keep in line, but guess what: They have everything under control.  9. And finally, the friend who gets to drink five-ish(?), realizes their whole life is a f—cking lie, and turns into this guy— 
It's all going to be OK! Derek was a jerk anyway, and Erica is definitely going to wake up soon, probably.  Do your friends usually turn into one of these types of people at the bar? Who would they become after a few rounds of shots like the ones below? Let us know in the comments, people!  https://www.youtube.com/embed/rPmMfdEdhmI See recipe https://www.youtube.com/embed/eiJLeRuDHFw See recipe

Featured image: New Girl / Fox

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