You've probably noticed the "winded SpongeBob" meme floating around the internet lately — 'cause everybody is winded, apparently — although what you may not have noticed is that a surprisingly large number of people are using it to describe their very relatable experiences with tequila. So to get you up to speed, here are eight of the best winded SpongeBob memes for when tequila is just too damn much.  1. When pacing es muy dificil 2. When your friends are on a new level, but that level makes you barf.  3. When the smell hits and you gag a little.  4. When "this is fine."  5. When the game changes.   6. When one shot takes you out.  7. When you see destruction heading your way.  8. When we don't really know what this meme means, but tequila.  9. When even margaritas can't protect you from tequila's power.  Do you have a winded SpongeBob-tequila moment of your own? And what kind of SpongeBob would you be after drinking one of the tequila cocktails below? Meme it up, people! See recipe See recipe

Images: Nickelodeon Animation Studios

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