Presidential candidate Andrew Yang has exploded in popularity over the last couple of months, and the dude definitely deserves the boost in the polls on sheer hustle alone. But how well would his idea of giving away a "Freedom Dividend" actually work? And how worried should we be about robot bartenders? Skyy sat down with Andrew over a glass of Giant's Milk to find out. For those who can't watch the video interview between Andrew Yang and Tipsy Bartender — shoutout to people on an underground train who just lost cell service — the big topics discussed in the interview are robots taking jobs, self-driving cars, the future of education, vertical farming, breaking up big tech companies, how to get excited about the future, and... Game of Thrones. Yang thinks everybody should give the writers a break, by the way. It's up to you to decide how you feel about his policies — we leave the politics up to you. We just wanted to have Yang in 'cause he's talking about robot bartenders and he makes a lot of interesting points. Plus, a grand a month sounds pretty great. And for anybody who wants to whine about Tipsy Bartender not giving equal time to other presidential candidates, we promise you, if Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren or Donald Trump or Count Chocula wants to stop in for a chat, they are more than welcome to. In fact, go tell them they should do an interview with Skyy. Yang's popped in the polls, so a Tipsy Interview must be a good omen anyway. What do you think about Yang's policies? And what do you think of the ridiculously tasty and potent drink that is Giant's Milk? Let us know everything you're thinking in the comments! And also tell us who you want us to interview next!
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