Last month Applebee's brought us $2 Absolut Vodka lemonades, which denizens of the internet seemed to be pretty damn excited about. But that bullshit can move the hell over 'cause the giant restaurant chain is bringing back $1 Dollaritas for the entire month of April! OMG!!!!
Applebee's announced the return of the $1 Dollaritas on its twitter account on April 1, but it's been verified that this is not a cruel April Fool's joke meant to crush our dreams of getting tipsy off of super cheap margaritas that go great with super cheap chips and salsa, super cheap grilled chicken wonton tacos, and your super cheap date. Also, if you're curious about how Applebee's manages to deliver an alcoholic margarita to all of its patrons across the U.S. for $1, this BTS video made by an Applebee's employee the first time the Dollaritas were introduced should answer any questions you have. 

Late night confession from an @applebees bartender. #dollarita #applebees

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Remember to call in to your local Applebee's to make sure they have the Dollarita before you go to the restaurant. Or, if you can manage to spend more than a single U.S. dollar on a margarita, you can make one of the ones below in the comfort of your own home. See recipe See recipe

Images: Applebee's 

GIFS: via Giphy

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