Get ready to have "Quit Playing Games" stuck in your head for the next few hours, 'cause Backstreet's back with a new tequila brand, alright?! Seriously though, are you alright with that? 
Yep, this is not a false alarm folks: The Backstreet Boys, the boy band your older sister listened to while she compiled her Beanie Baby collection in the '90s, is ready to branch out into the tequila business just like George Clooney, who sold his Casamigos brand tequila for a healthy $1 billion. 
The Backstreet Boys — who are really Backstreet Men at this point, as their ages range from 38 to 47 — revealed their plans to start the tequila company to Tasting Table during a two-show performance at the Moon Palace luxury resort in Cancún, Mexico.  Although details are scant, according to a quote given by Nick Carter to Tasting Table, BSB just needs to find a partner in Mexico and then they're good to go. 
That's not all BSB is getting into outside of music, however. According to TMZ, the juggernaut singing squad is also getting into the barbecue business with a restaurant dubbed "Backstreet Barbecue." (Which Nick promises will be finger-licking good.)  As far as our opinion regarding BSB getting into the tequila game, we're going to have to wait and see. Factors going against the group include tequila already being a saturated market, and the possibility of a tequila shortage on the horizon
But who knows? All kidding aside, BSB may seem harmless and unable to cut it in the business realm, but remember these dudes have sold 130 million records worldwide, and are still in the game after 25 years. Plus older sisters everywhere really love them. 

Coming up on 25 years of laughin’ at each other 😂 Can you believe it?

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Do you think the Backstreet Boys have what it takes to eventually pull off a billion-dollar Clooney deal? Are you going to drink some tequila cocktails like the ones below with "I Want It That Way" on repeat? Let us know! See recipe See recipe

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